Holiday? Working from home…

Haiz…Holidays are here but life is becoming a drag…Everyday is the same old thing. Wake up, brush teeth,breakfast,play with dog, newspaper, play com,homework, lunch,play with dog, Xbox, homework, home exercise, shower, Xbox, dinner, TV, play with dog, play com, homework (if possible), Watch world cup (if possible), sleep. Day in day out the same thing. I know what I’m supposed to do, revise (esp. maths), do my homework and such. But hey I don’t want to do it! It’s the holidayus for goodness sake. I’ve been working like siao and now you want me to work my butt off during my holiday? No no…Play till enough first…But is there a enough to play? I’ve been wondering. What do we study for? For the sake of studying, please our parents since they want us to study, show off, beat your friends and show you’re better at academics, to get a better job in life or really, to get knowledge… So many reasons but the last reason is the most important one but most of us don’t study because of that. That’s why we feel so sian at the word study. I thought of this really paradoxical example. I study to get a job as a researcher to study how people study. Lolz. Studying to study people studying. So is he studying to get a job or for knowledge? Bit of both isn’t it. HeeHee. Personally I don’t study for knowledge, okay maybe a little bit. I study to please my parents since they want me to study, and to get a better job. How about you? What do you study for? 

One comment on “Holiday? Working from home…

  1. Kenny says:

    Studying can be a pleasure at times, if its about what u lyk. Anyway, studying doesnt guarantee that u will get a good job, or perhaps u will get the job and can\’t keep it.

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