Sailing training… …

Whoah, what a day. It was still quite breezy before 9 and now there’s no wind! Nvm, there’s no one else around except me and David, yah he’s the face of the year guy and I’m sailing with him. Somebody gonna get jealous…HeeHee. Anyway we waited around laughing at the Opti kids and calling them "sotongs". Lols. After a while the wind picked up and we went to rig up the boat.
"So are we using the new boat?"
"Then what? Use the old shit boat?"
WHOOPEE!!! YES! YES! YES! WhooHoo! Get to use the new boat whoo!!! We rigged it up and launched it. Out at sea the wind died. BASKET!!! Then what’s the point of using the new boat?? ARGH!!! Anyway I had a "theory " lesson on sea as David taught me about the sail, "pumping" the sail (that’s what it’s called, dun laugh), riding the waves and heeling the boat slightly to leeward to get "power". David was using physics to teach me all these things. Like gravity. WTH? Gravity? Okay… must be his study notes. He was studying physics while we waited for the wind to pick up. Topic was Gravitation. Right…
"I have to learn this to know that when I drop my handphone it falls to the floor." *Handphone plunks on table. I like this quote, similiar to "Who needs to teach you that you cannot spit on the floor?" –  Isaac Teo on CME lessons. Lols.
Haha, anyway since there was no or negligible wind, we just drifted lorz, so we drifted to the commercial cargo boat " parking site. We were intending to sail to Suntec but heck sun was too hot and super slow speed. Then we saw this bunch of white waves heading in one direction, not spread out like other waves but heading against the current. David said that there might be a submarine below, or it might just be that one of the cargo ships turned on it’s propellers. I choose to think that there’s a submarine there, more exciting…Anyways I realised that you have to be 16 to get powerboat license. 1 more year…Darn. I want to drive a powerboat. Feel the wind in your face…not just any wind but wind from the sea. You can smell it. I’m addicted to it of some sort. I love the sea. That time in Tokyo I just couldn’t bear to leave the lake. Rmb? the super cold one, some lake at Mt. Fuji. Not the one at the hotel, the one outside the place where we had our first lunch in Japan. Whoa…so faint…yet so strong. It’s freshwater dammit. Aiyah it reminded me of the sea. That’s why I love the beach. Can’t wait for Sentosa outing, just sit around and breathe in the air…Even so the air is bloddy fake. Must go out to sea then you’ll get the real smell and taste (yes, taste) of the sea… Ok enough of the benefits of driving a powerboat.
And while drifting near the cargo boat parking lots, I saw this boat with this beautiful name. The Oxalis Jasmine… OMGosh, that is the best name I have ever heard…And it’s the name of a cargo boat. -.-" It’s too good a name for a cargo boat…Waddehell. OMGosh now I can’t get the name out of my head. It’s too beautiful and unique. So any of the girls if I accidentaly call you by the name Oxalis…pls forgive me. Heehee…
Lemme jot down some pointers I learnt, you are not required to comprehend. Lolz.
When boat points to wind the boat can’t move, so use body weight to heel boat windward to turn boat.
Heel leeward then windward, windward being more forceful.
Heel leeward until boat points to wind, then go over to windward and heel boat forcefully and then gently but forcefully move over to the other side and keep boat flat.
Long distance:
Let the boat heel slightly leeward to catch more wind. (Gravity comes into play here)
And STAY IN THE BOAT during light winds, don’t sit out.
Jib position:
Feel the wind flow and adjust jib accordingly.
When on a run, the knot of the Jib should be outside the hull, that’s the minimum.
Sheesh, inter-school wind is here according to David. Light winds and an occasional passing strongER wind. There goes the fun of trapezing. This sucks… Lolz, wind will pick up during year end, that’s where the Monsoon season starts as well… Things are going to get ugly…

4 comments on “Sailing training… …

  1. Keith says:

    Hey,what the… oh i see…yup, burry the past  to bring out the future haha anY|/\\|aY p4Rdon the 1337speak |3|_|T \\/\\/|-|3|\\| E)(4[ T|_Y |5 T3H  S3|\\|T054 C|_4$$ 0|_|Ti|\\|G? & R \\/\\/3 G0i|\\|G 2 T3H |NS3CT0R||_||\\/|? T3H P|_4C3 R0)()(0Rs111oneoneone 

  2. Thomas says:

    Waddehell? Is this some new type of code? Hey teach me leh…

  3. Kevin says:

    its called 1337speak, or leetspeak in the english language.
    apparent dat dermaptera has mastered it.
    but it takes dam hell long to read it..

  4. Kevin says:

    ….. anyway pardon the leetspeak but when exactly is the sentosa class outing & r we going to the insectorium? teh (the) place roxxors (111oneoneone means 6 exclamation marks)

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