Sail away…

Muahaha, what a wonderful day. Sun is shining, wind is blowing and it’s high tide… Perfect sailing conditions. Weather has been rather erratic these few days. Light or no wind and choppy seas. And this has been the case for several weeks. I’m really glad that there’s training today. WHoopee!!! Today’s been a real happy day for me haha. Except for one drawback: the report book. I find the comments rather wierd. "He may find if he gives others the space to offer their ideas, that more ideas can be generated" This comment is rather one-sided.In other words I’m domineering right? And that’s bad. I don’t want to "dominate". The reason why I shoot first most of the time is because no one wants to say something. You have something to say, SAY IT!!! Don’t be scared man…Maybe you guys think I’m "domineering" as well, but since no one wants to say or do something and someone HAS to do something, then I’LL DO IT! If you can do it better than I then go ahead! Did I stop y-lynn from writing the script? Whoever that wants to coordinate the Kungfu moves can also come and join Kevin and me. I think whoever that wrote my report has to look CLOSER…
And there’s another one that seems to be rather contradictory. "thoughts lack rigour" and "learn from the Helmsman week Divergence and Convergence" It’s rather contradictory…The reason my thoughts lack "rigour" and there are so many thoughts is because I spit everything out that comes to my head. Spit everything out, then collect the best spit. That’s my way of working. I don’t mind making mistakes, just get over it. And maybe the reason the report writer thinks I’m "domineering" is because I talk too much, maybe I talk so much that you guys give up talking and now I’m blaming you guys for not speaking up. If that’s the case I’m really sorry. I should learn to keep my thoughts to myself. Actually what I spit out is only the tip of the iceberg. I think much deeper but I don’t say those things out. The report-writer obviously doesn’t know me enough or I’m not letting him know enough. I prefer the latter… I’m a mythical person…There’s more to the lamer that you know…
Anyway enough about the silly report that isn’t true. I hope my parents listen to me rather than that dumb report. Actually some of it is true. Keyword:some…I just take out the good stuff out of it. Burn the rest…Okay back to sailing. I was late today, had to watch howl’s moving castle in preperation for the Japan trip. My helmsman waited dam long for me. I want to thank him. Thank you Alexi… Can tell that he’s rather jealous that we get to go to Japan…Lolz Today I must say was the best training I had with Alexi. I managed to get the "feel" of the boat and almost perfected my tacking skills. It’s quite hard looking at two things at the same time while doing two tings at the same time. It’s almost something like right eye look at the Jib (second sail), left eye look at the heel of the boat ( the slant of the boat), right hand yank trapeze wire, left hand uncleat Jib rope, legs move over to other side of the boat. Sheesh. Tough job but I love it. Not easy being a crewman. But I got to use the new boat today!!! WHOO!!! We went like SUPER fast lorz…If you think that sailing is about skill not your machine YOU ARE WRONG!!! Two sailors on par based on skill level, one will win by a LARGE margin if he uses a NEW boat. New boats thrash MOE boats anytime, unless the skill level is really different. As in really high versus ultra noob who capsizes at every tack. I really need to master the basics so I can move on to advanced stuff like "feeling" the wind, predicting wind speeds, surfing waves e.t.c. Yuppz, sailing teaches you all these.
I really must go pick up something useful from sailing. Air rifle teaches you accuracy, uniformed groups teaches discipline, volleyball soccer whatever teaches you teamwork and their respective skills, Red Cross teaches medical aid, ODAC develops the adventuring spirit as well as teamwork, respect and other skills, Judo develops faster reflexes, rock climbing teaches you how to…er…climb rocks. All these are practiacl skills that you will use or need in real life. What about sailing? Er… other than learning to sail, which you probably will rarely do what else can sailing teach you? Teamwork if you’re sailing a 2-man boat (that’s me!), sense of balance (to balance your boat e.t.c),  trains you to be more sensitive and observant to the environment, it also trains to to face unexpected cicumstances better.  All these are important skills. But I think the COOLEST and the GREATEST benefit that being a sailor can give is that you can predict the weather for the next 6 hours or more. where the current will be, wind change, whether it’ll rain or shine and so on…OMGosh. I want to learn to do that…
Sailing rocks
All are welcome to join Sailing. Not just sailing but VJ Sailing.
Dam SEH ling one lor…

One comment on “Sail away…

  1. Ahmad says:

    hey.. air rifle doesnt only teach accuracy.
    it\’s about discipline, focus, determination, perseverence, endurance, commitment,  passion, and even teamwork, besides the essential accuracy, precision, grouping, sight relation, positioning, timing  and motion sequence.
    and dont worry about not learning anything from Sailing.. not all CCAs are as beneficial as Air Rifle Club.. muahahahaha!!!

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