Second Confrontation…

Wha today I was super enthu…We’re going to make the weapons for Cultural Night TODAY!!! WHOO!!! Yes yes yes!!! And drawing energy form my chi or enthu-ness, I managed to string the bow in less than 2 minutes! OMGosh, something I had never accomplished. IF some of you are wondering, those two sticks I picked up are the two most important sticks in my life. This may sound wierd but it’s true. I was playing with my home-made bow since P5, and I must say I am rather accurate except for the more than occasional flops due to the poor quality of the bow and arrow which are twigs and aren’t straight at all. But if I can actually HIT something with a bow that doesn’t bend, a bowstring made of a chain of rubber bands and arrows that aren’t straight…I must be dam pro right? Lolz, just joking, those hits must be dam tyco one. SInce I miss more than I hit heehee. Btw there’s a difference between NEVER hitting and hitting OCCASIONALLY…As for the other pole, it’s my camping stick. It has never failed to accompany me to treks and hikes. Thi8s pole has tasted the Bukit Timah Nature Trail’s soil countless times… Anyway, enough said about my sticks (okay that sounds wrong…).
Today was going fine, a rather draggy day but isn’t everyday a draggy day? Today was a little worse since I was recovering from a minor emotional wound and the thought of running 2.4 tmr. I want to run below 11 minutes. I know I can, I ran 11:05 recently and I think if I grit my teeth and sprint the last 300-400m, I might just make it under 11, just nice for an A. But I doubt I can do it tmr. Haiz. 4 periods of LA also made the day drag further…
After SS, Mr Yang came up to me and asked me to go meet him after school. I replied,"okay". And that ruined the rest of the day. LA might not have been so draggy if not for that. I felt very miserable…The same feeling after I got out of the previous session. I DON’T WANT TO DIE AGAIN…no, not this time. I’ve tried to improve…Spare me… Ever felt the feeling when your heart is pulled down by tonnes of stone? When you try to smile but just can’t, or when everyone is laughing at a really funny joke but you just can’t laugh anymore? Yah, something like that…Then I began to wonder…Mr Yang sure has the ability to shake me up huh. All he needs to say is "see me" and then I begin to tremble and have a really negative outlook for the rest of my day. So why let him intimidate me? okay, I still felt quite bad after I said this to meself.
Soon, the time arrived to meet him. (I got rather ticked off because I had to meet him instead of go make the weapons, which I would MUCH prefer to do…)  Hm… I wonder what he’s going to say now…
Okay here’s a summary on what he said. Or what I remembered or what I picked up.
Okay all in all I felt that this session wasn’t too bad as the first. At least he justified what he said and a discliamer that what he says might be wrong…So he says this: He thinks that the reason on why the class doesn’t want to listen to me or doesn’t take me seiously might be because of them or me. Is there anything about me that is hindering you all from talking to me? If so please leave a comment, you may choose to remain anonymous. And there’s a whole lot of class comm stuff about the tension within the class comm and the class and all. Basically what he was trying to drive home was to tell me to take a step back, look at things and myself, analyse the situation and then apply. Coz he "observes" that I can get rather personal…Either me against someone, or me against a group. Never me and a group against so and so. And when I say against it’s not that I dislike someone or what but also conflicts in ideas, values and stuff like that too.
Then after he he drove home his point, I asked him what he thought of the class. I can’t say what he said, I think it should be confidential. But there’s something that he said that struck me the most. One reason why the class cannot unite together is because of the clash of style. Poeple like Fashion, Starbucks, Atheletics, Studying on and on. And with these likes we have our own different styles. For me, I’m very casual, I can’t care less on fashion nor understand why people dance (I find it rather ridiculus actually), I hate coffee and I love sports and outdoor activities, and this reflects on how I do things. So for our class, it’s probably a clash of stlye. Probably not everyone enjoyed the crap board right? (At least Mr Yang didn’t) And it’s hard for the class comm. to sort this out. We need time to discuss these issues together, even then we also have clash of styles in the class comm. But I feel that that’s a good thing, we can represent the different styles in class. Then find a common stlye inherent in everyone. Perhaps?
Gee anyway if you guys have BURNING suggestions on how to improve the class in ANY ASPECT, feel free to come to me. This will be my first baby step in engaging the class. COME TO ME!!! I want your feedback. Feedback on my style, the class as a whole or any improvements that you think can be done to the class or any complaints so on and so forth. Got something to say? Tell me, I will listen and consider but your feedback cannot be one-sided. SOmething that I learnt from Mr Yang, take a step back, analyse the situation and then come and tell me. Okayz? I will be glad to have some comments on this blog entry.
Started small, ending big  Probably our motto for the class. Lolz

3 comments on “Second Confrontation…

  1. Ahmad says:

    Clashing of Styles have been the favourite way to start a war since ancient times. I believe in this but you believe in that, let\’s fight. I don\’t like your face, you don\’t like mine, let\’s fight. I believe in democracy, you believe in communism, let\’s fight. I like Penang laksa, you like Katong laksa, let\’s fight. I like your wife, you like mine, let\’s fight. I use the Light Side of the Force, you use the Dark Side, let\’s fight.
    It happens in animals too. I like eating meat, you like eating plants, let\’s fight. I like your mate, you don\’t want to get off her, let\’s fight.
    It\’s inevitable. It\’s a Freak of Nature.
    It makes the world go round the sun. Or makes the sun go round the Earth, if that\’s what you want to believe, after all that\’s YOUR style.
    It\’s perfectly fine to make clash of styles. We just have to know when to give in and when to stand our ground. That\’s the most important thing.

  2. Kevin says:

    it\’s an inevitable thing. we jus haf to live wif it. but seriously the class comm seems dead. honestly i can\’t rmb dere being one unless some explicit point which can be directly linked to them is said right in my face. so dere.
    i tink we seriously need to rethink the way our class comm does things..
    my honest point of view.
    dun kill me…please…please…please…
    *shrinks summore*

  3. Thomas says:

    Lolz, I\’m not going to kill you. If I want to know how the class thinks then I should be open to critism. But no vulgairities haha.

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