Death by the sword…

Hello people one and all, death by the sword, cool title for our Japanese Kungfu flick huh? Today we had to vacate VJ by 11 a.m. so the police could come and get ready for the General Elections. VJ is going to be used as a polling station. Yay, only got 2 periods of Lang Arts…Whew.
After school, we all went to Suntec to discuss the script for cultural night. We were trying to decide which script to use, Fundoshi or Kungfu flick. So go Suntec and discuss lor, and at the same time rehearse the script. It was supposed to be a class event or hoped to be but in the end only er… 12+ ppl went? Haiz…anyway once we reached Suntec we immediately went to get something to eat. The others went to eat Subway while Ah zhai and me went to try Carl’s Junior and OMGosh…although it was freaking expensive but it was so NICE!!! OMGosh, I love Carl’s Junior now…Lolz. So after our lunch and many distractions we finally got our way to Sky Tower. There was an open area so we went there but it was wet sheesh. SO i wiped off the water with a plastic bag and then laid my bag there. And soon everyone started piling their stuff on my bag. Haiz. Even Caitlin who claimed her bag was waterproof. There was this little pond in the middle of the space and ZJ gat the inspiration to go and write osvot on one of the pebbles and throw it back in from the other "marked" pebbles…Another distraction haiz…We ended up at the family corner seating in a circle on a circular bench. That was when we finally started proper…
I went thru what was in the script first and then we added on or took away some stuff and we have a perfect script. Our aim was to make the teachers cry, at least one of them. Either make them laugh till they cry or really cry because our ending is rather tragic…I think it can really make you cry. I bet that some of the more emotional ones would really break down in tears Lolz… …
I think that this was the first proper meeting that I have attended when everyone is focused. FOCUS people! Haha, look at how much we managed to accomplish during an hour and a half. We practically revised the ENTIRE script, came up with an extremely well thought plot and the best ending ever. Can you guys imagine if we weren’t distracted before that? What could we have accomplished? So much more!!! I’m not criticizing you guys. I think you guys are great! Just that we can afford to focus more. Okay people? Haha, when we focus we can get things done, double time!
Haha, anyways tomorrow’s Stephanie’s birthday!!! Happy birthday to you…LOLz…We actually wanted to dunk her in that pond in the middle of the place I mentioned earlier but Stephanie was SO terrified that we just had to give it up. She was clinging on to Rhoda for dear life. Lolz…Solution? Dunk both! But she really got SO TERRORISED that she started screaming…We gave up in the end. Not ethical for a guy to make a girl cry for the fun of it right? It’s her birthday after all…And it’s also not right for girls to take advantage of guys to do silly favours for them. So DON’T EVEN THINK ABOUT MAKING US WAIT FOR HALF AN HOUR FOR YOU TO BROWSE THROUGH CLOTHES…or else we won’t keep our side of the bargain…It’s not ethical. All about respect man…
Ohwells, I felt that I understood alot of people more today, their working styles and their strengths and HER working style and strengths. Haha. Can’t help but notice. Sorry if you feel that I’m a little biased towards that person… Cynthia and Ah Zhai would know haha.
KKz, we’re going to meet up again on vesak day to rehearse the improved script and the action so try to keep that day free.

3 comments on “Death by the sword…

  1. Stephanie says:

    ello! haha. YES! SO U ALL DUN EVER TRY TO DUNK ME! haha. cos i\’ll be so traumatised.  haha… 🙂

  2. Thomas says:

    HAhaa, yes stephanie…We WON\’T dunk you. We PROMISE…
    Believe me?

  3. Rhoda says:

    haha. sorries. didnt mean to make yall wait so long but clothes r just too nice to ignore!! heex.

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