Charlie Company

Wha…today got no sailing training. AGAIN…Why must sailing always be dependant on the wind. If the J2s can learn to drive the powerboat I want to learn too!!! OMGosh, can you imagine? While everyone is slugging it out at sea in sailboats you are in the powerboat zooming around effortlessly, rocking everyone with the waves that you make…WoHo, what a life huh…
Anyway no sailing training turned out to be a blessing. We ended up playing badminton!!! I got to improve my badminton skills and arm muscles (if it helps). I can smack now!!! WhooHoo!!! But most importantly I feel that I’m more bonded with my helmsman and the rest of the team. I feel like one of them now lol…Everytime when I’m around people who are older or have better skills than I that I am trying to improve (eg. they’re all pro-ded sailors while I’m some lousy mid-fleet-er) I tend to be very quiet and shy. Can’t help it…some inferiority complex. haiz. Must get over it. The sailing team is so fun and loving. I love the sailing team. We will come in national first again. We shall rule and own them all…
And keep her flag unfurled…-The Victorian Anthem
After Badminton and instant noodles, I was just in time to join the air-riflers when they were about to go back. And they were eating the jelly ice-cream thing. And all of us were refering to it as a phallic symbol but Yiling just couldn’t get it!!! OMGosh, we shall not taint her innocent mind. But we all had a good laugh at her "ignorance" to "reality"…Take note, inverted commas…""""" Hahaz, then we were all on our way home on the 31 bus.
OMGosh, today’s afternoon was really a pick-up from this morning. In the morning (I shall not say who) really pissed me off. Why can’t anybody appreciate what I’m doing? I thank all those who do. I shall not raise this up because everytime I think of that person I feel like knocking that person out cold, probably slit that person’s throat too. 5 months and such hatred begins, actually if I could "do-away" with quite a few people in class. But nonetheless they are still 06v13. So many differences, so little understanding. But variety is the spice of life isn’t it? WRONG. I want a peaceful environment with little personality variations. Honestly I would rather have it all stay the same…Haiz…girls especially. Sheesh!
What an afternoon, badminton with the sailing team (they’re very pro…) and TC with my pals who are all guys btw. I really miss sitting down and having a good TCS and laughing our heads off and stuff. Haiz, those were the days. Now we’re so caught up in our own miserable lives that we miss out all that is good. Friendship. Have we really appreciated a friend? Returning a favour, saying thanks from the heart (not just a causual thanks) or been someone for others to lean upon? Hmmmm. Probably minimal? Very few right? Haiz, cherish this TCS man…that’s where friendship begins. And my "company" also appreciates me for what I do best, crapping. It’s the key element to TC. I appreciate people and people appreciate me. We’re all brothers. These are the friends that I would die for. Honestly, from the bottom of my heart, I will NEVER even consider giving my life for 06v13. Maybe half of it but not the entire 06v13. So much for class spirit? Ask yourself then, would you die for 06v13?
About two days back, my brother in Pipa (dun laugh, it’s not funny), sent me an email, some Tickle survey. One question: Would you die for Loh Li Quan? I clicked ‘yes’ without hesitation, then I saw the results, only 56% of those who voted would die for him. the other 44%? If I asked whether you would die for me probably ‘no’ right? Who would want to die for some lame shit? We could do without him ANYWAY. Is this friendship? Yes. Casual friendship. But what I feel is something more called Brotherhood. Brothers would die for one another, it’s not a one-sided thing. the see-saw is level, the see-saw will never tilt if one person from each side gets off at the same time. Same for brotherhood, no one dies alone. Brotherhood is friendship elevated to a MUCH MUCH MUCH higher level.
So now I ask you, do you feel friendship or Brotherhood in 06v13? Would you die for 06v13?
Okay maybe I’m being too extreme about death, how about sacrificing something close to you or something great? Would you still do it?
Haiz, anyway back to my day. There was this curious incident that happened on the bus. The bus engine suddenly stopped.
Sheng Chow: Don’t panic, don’t panic
[lights and aircon goes off] or situation gets worse
Fits of laughter. Haiyah, can’t really explain to you what happned, u need the context.
 Lolz, I think my blog entry is long enough so I’ll end it here.
PS. I took the first step today (let you go figure what that means).
To all my brothers out there from the far corners of the Earth, just to let you know, that I will die for you
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One comment on “Charlie Company

  1. Kevin says:

    i understand wad u mean man..
    gd luck wif "ur first step"

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