VIP open house…

Yoz people one and all…Welcome to the VIP open house. Haha, today must soundnvery professional but I CAN’T!!! I’m still so lame. I think I ticked someone off. LOlz, but it stopped there. Hee.
"Excuse me, may I know where the toilet is?"
"Oh it’s over there sir." "Enjoy." *chuckles.
Can’t believe I said that, it just slipped out of my mouth lolz. Anyway back to 7:20 am…
All the Loggies were to assemble outside the scrabble board. While everyone was gathering the 1-3 ppl were talking about cultural nite event in Japan. We thought of changing the fundoshi theme to a Japanese Kung-Fu flick. Cool huh? We’ll get a choreographer and we’ll kick ass!!! Muahaha. Anyway we were delegated our duties which was to carry two benches and two canteen tables. A MUCH easier job than yesterday when we had to carry two "monsters" (Huge and heavy signposts) yesterday was tough. After everything we got changed into school uniform and tie. TIE!!! And for the first time in 15 yrs in my life I gelled my hair to give a good impression. Lolz. Hee, the tie was awful. It made me look like I went swimming. So it was our free time till 9:45 when I was supposed to go to the Language arts stations to bounce around,  be a bouncer I mean and direct people into the room. Haiz, 2 whole hours of that…Of bouncing around. So during the break I went to the porch and became an usher lolz. It was quite fun haha. Met my VSCO juniors Max, Alphonsus, Joel and Michael. Haha, I was so high. I didn’t eat M&Ms but it was almost equivalent to a sugar high. Lolz. SO after I got bored ushering because there were no more people since the main event has started I went to laze around in the physics booth playing with their stuff especially the plasma ball. Then after like half an hour after 9:45 the people started coming. SO I started getting them to fill up the first classroom and do my shitty job which I hate so much. I wasted an hour of my time at Lang arts and technically wasn’t needed there at all since Lis, Yining was taking over my job. So I was a wandering soul around the school, bring people to places where they wanted to go, sharing experience and life in the IP. Then somehow I was brought to the Bio station by someone who wanted to go there and I found out that the "bouncers"/logistics(presentation [what a name for a shitty job] wasn’t there. What a perfect excuse to hang around the area. And I think many of you want to know why I want to hang around there right? haha. And while hanging around thereI got to meet a potential sailing junior. I saw a burgee sticking out of her goodie bag and I asked if she wanted to join VIP and stuff before asking her whether she wanted to join sailing in VJ. She told me that she was the last in her race, probably topper class boats but it doesn’t matter. You’ll be sailing LASER class or 420 class boats in VJ. And the reason that she was probably last was that everyone was TOO good. Lolz. Not that she’s bad. Anyway VJ sailing wants her so I told her that anyway and I left after seeing a smile on her face…And on mine as well. number one: I might get a junior yay! Number two: I have never touched a burgee like hers before, the one that u strap on to the mast instead of poking it on the top. OMGosh…I’ve only sailed with a burgee twice but my sense of wind still sucks… Btw, a burgee is an instrument that points to the direction of the wind, something like a wind vane that u attach to the mast of the sail. It tells you where the wind is coming from so that u can make the necessar changes. Experienced sailors don’t need the burgee, they can feel the wind on their faces. OMGosh…I want to be an experienced sailor. -_-" Haha, takes time. Anyway so I pang seh-ed the LA booth/station/whatever I hanged around at the Bio stations and helped bring people around. So I was more of an usher than logistics(presentation). Haha, I can do anything…Lols.
And finally at the end of it all was mass dance in the concourse in front of everyone and we all sweat like siao. The smarter ones stripped off their ties and danced while the not-so-clever er… doesn’t matter really, maybe they want to raise their threshold of discomfort? Prepare for JAPAN!!! LOL. By the time we ended, everyone left. Dam malu but nvm.
FInally after cleaning up and changing we headed to Parkway for lunch. We all ended up at Yoshinoya to eat. Poor Cynthia didn’t want to eat because she hates Yoshinoya. So do I actually but when you’re SUPER hungry even bittergourd tastes good. I left early after lunch, got tuition later. I really hate to leave, and to leave that person behind is heart-breaking. Ouch, so I left quickly to minimize the pain. Nvm, get to see her on tuesday again. In approx 60 hours. Haha, when you’re looking forward to something time passes real slow.
And so the Fellowship of the Yoshinoya has ended though forever bound by friendship and love… Haha, LOTR stlye. Haiz, gtg, work to do and Kung-Fu flick to write…
Cheers, happy IP open house day. We did a good job ppl. GC POWER!!!!

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