Sunday Surprise… …

OMGosh…I think the Lord has answered my prayer. I knew it haha, he never leaves us when we are in need of him. If you had read my previous blog entry you would have understood that I needed some serious leadership makeover. And here it is. The sermon for today: Leadership in the church. OMGosh…
The pastor went on to speak of the qualifications of a deacon. Timothy chapter 3. One of the things that struck me hard was this: Even though you have the passion to do something like being a deacon, you might not get the job. You need to have the necessary qualifications eg. Leadership skills, experience etc. before you can do the job. However if you jump the gun you’ll end up harming both yourself and the people around you. So I thought, did I jump the gun and went into this post too early? I might have, now I’m ruining myself and the class…I think I should let someone else have my post. Someone more capable than me bu if there isn’t then I shall stick with my post. Another thing is that being a deacon is a job not a post. We have to work hard and toil and sweat and blood. It’s a job, the post is ornamental. And being a deacon is service to God, you don’t get paid, you don’t recieve bonuses nothing. What drives us is the passion to serve God for me the passion to serve the class. Hm…
God works in wonderful ways and he answers prayers. I ask for guidance and wha la, a full sermon on leadership for you. Thanks be to God. Amen

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