Field trip to Zoo. [Advanced] Lag entry

[This is a lag entry, all events happened yesterday. April 20 thursday]
Haha, today we’re going to the zoo for I&E week. ZOO??? Isn’t that for primary school kids? Haha, it is but we went to the "restricted zones" of the zoo. Hahaz, now that’s something you don’t get to do when you were a primary school kid. We got to wear PT shirt and bermudas to the zoo. A good decision since wearing long pants would be a killer and the ultra short skirts for the girls would reflect a bad name for VJC. So they decided to let us wear bermudas or jeans. JEANS? Isn’t that long pants as well? Anyway I wore bermudas haha, partially because I dun have jeans. Really!
At the zoo, the cohort was split into 4 again. We were supposed to visit different parts of the zoo. My group was lucky enough to go to the animal hospital.
Over there we saw their surgery room, clinic, "wards" aka cages. We all learnt about what happens when an animal dies and all. It gets cut up on this HUGE drain cover thingy and a small portion of the infected part is taken for further study, the rest is disposed of by some rubbish company. Not that they’re rubbish but they collect rubbish.Haha.
And also they give ACUPUNCTURE to elephants…We saw the needles and OMGosh, you know the DnT scriber? Yuppz it’s that size. And Amazingly it worked for the elephant.Haha. Then they told us how Ah Meng actually took TCM and recovered. Haha I guess this really is breaking the pattern. If the conventional doesn’t work then find and explore new solutions haha. There wasn’t much to see at the animal hospital. I mean it would be cool (and sick) to see a rhino undergoing surgery. Haha, not mentioning rhino blood all over the place. Okay this is making me sick, maybe no surgery would be good. Or at least we get to see an animal getting tranquilised? (they use guns and blowpipes, yes blowpipes) There weren’t any animals in the "wards" in the first place. And they say it’s a busy place…I manages to work out the maths, it’s an average of 3 cases a day. WoHo. And most cases are physical injury resulting from fights. Violent animals. the rest are diseases and parasitic infections.
After our journey of discovery, we all head back to the auditorium, mini-auditorium actually haha. There they gave us a talk on how the zoo developed over time. We all learnt that renewal and revitalisation is the key to success. And the rest were only rather interesting.
After the whole thing was free and easy! Whoopee! But stick to your group. WHoopee! Did I say that I love my group? Haha, think I did. Anyway we all head to KFC for lunch. Guess what, just after I bought the 3-piece meal my friend shows up with a coupon for $1 off a 3 piece meal. Wha liao eh…Oh well. Nvms, after that was TCS till the buses came…
Now this time the buses were late hahaha! And the intervals between the coming buses were like super long. I took the 2nd bus. But when I looked back, ouch. Her face was like so downcast and ticked off because she had to wait  another 15 minutes or so. Hope she doesn’t have to feel this way when she’s with me. I’m very punctual.
Back in VJ, Miss Toh wanted to give out the SS test that we took months ago. Argh I was like shaking in suspense. I was thinking,"Nooo, I dun want to fail humanities too…Just a pass, just a pass…" And Yin Hong asked,"Hey why the chair vibrating? Oh it’s you issit…Wha so jin zhang." Well can’t help it… Finally, thank God. 19 1/2 whew! OMGosh!!! Whoopee!!! Yin Hong and Caitlin are sick…21 1/2. Wha liao. Actually I could’ve gotten that mark, nobody told me to link the facts and generalisations. I tot just give any 3 facts and any 2 generalisations. Haiz…Nvm, I’m happy with 19 1/2. Haha.
Wha after that go back to class and play in the rain. Lols. Not exactly the best thing to do but hey bored people do anything. But I didn’t get myself as wet as the others…I’m smart, take poncho. Haha… …
After the rain and a few rounds of AH taiti it was gym session. I was still tired from tuesday’s gym and wednesday’s run. Die liao…I took so much effort to lift 52 kg compared to tuesday. (Legs by the way not arms. I can’t lift more than 40 for my arms…Pathetic eh?)
Come back home was dam tired, and guess what my dad finally finished setting up my new desktop. WHOOPEE!!! (It isn’t "new" but the old com, my dad got the new one but hey it’s good enough). Haha and I’m typing all this with my new com. The internet connection still got some problems but it’s working now… Haha
Gtg. debate finals on Friday. Go support Lis and the others hahaz.
DOWN WITH TA!!! Our GCs can beat your tablets Hah!

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