Painted day…

Today is the first week of Helmsman week. WHOO!!! No homework but a week of innovation and Enterprise. Finally we come to the plus point of IP, if not it’s going to suck all the way. IP is bias, why is it called Helmsman wekk not Crewman week. They got a problem with crewman issit? want fight ah?! (I’m a crewman by the way) Haha, all the sailing stuff. SAILING ROCKS!!! Whoo!!! No formal lessons this week. Only I and E workshops…
My group was cool. And great. I love my group. MY JAP GROUP IS SO COOL! Everyone so on one…And noone has ever heard my lame jokes before…Muahahaha, everyone was so pissed with the 3 ants joke. Hahaz. I still have much more. I’m looking forward to see their expression for the blue tank vs. red tank one. Must save some for Japan trip. Lolz. I love my group. Everyone is so united. I wanted to call ourselves Campers United but they couldn’t relate to camping so nvm. Going to Japan is a camp right???!!! Wth nvm.
After the workshop and lunch we began to paint the class. Actually whitewash but still paint. Finally we’re getting down to something…It took the effort of 3 guys to scrub the main wall clean. The girls were to "excited". We haven’t even finished cleaning the wall they start to paint liao…If you don’t know how to paint then don’t paint until given insructions lah… Wha liao eh…Anyway we finally managed to whitewash 3 walls by the end of the day. The last wall was only painted by Muthu and me. What the heck? Where’s everyone??? I was dam ticked off then. Everyone was chatting and talking cock. When I asked someone to help paint a small section he say got training then cannot paint but left half an hour later. Wth? And the 2nd wall was very badly done. As I said If you don’t know how to paint then don’t paint until given insructions lah… Haiz…Was dam pissed off and also got sense of achievent that we actually finished whitewashing the class. Mixed feelings. By the end of the whole painting was dam tired. mentally and physically. I could have fallen asleep on the table if not for the presense of other people. Haha…nvms. Then I asked Nicholas, "Is it possible to return the other can of paint? It’s unopened right?" (We got 2 cans and only used one) "I don’t think so, they all lah, open both."
OMGosh, I was so bloody ticked off. That person just wasted $16  of the class fund. I was screaming and banging my head on the wall. WHO COULD BE SO STUPID TO OPEN THE OTHER CAN???
I’m going to find out tmr…That person better get ready to get a scolding from me…OMGosh…i was so ticked off throughout the afternoon…Painting was supposed to be a fun event but see…Wha liao…This is my point of view up to you to take it. But I think today’s painting was horrible…No class effort.
Haiz and we haven’t come up with the colour to paint the periodic table yet…
Our class is in a mess…
Still have my camper script to do…Why is the secretary doing everything? Aren’t I the lowest of the lowest?
I’ll go do my Camper script now…
(Camper script = Skit for Cultural night)

2 comments on “Painted day…

  1. Kenny says:

    U may wan 2 save all the stuff in yellow until u find out who it is…
    "Is it possible to return the other can of paint? It\’s unopened right?" Return, as in return to the shop where u bought it from? Not very feasible, i think.
    Anyway, relax, man.

  2. Thomas says:

    Hahaz, but anyway that was rlly I felt at that time. No offence to anyone but honestly wait for instructions, don\’t panic and screw everything up. The wall was well done but next time wait for instructions next time, or you\’ll hurt yourself. And I still don\’t know who it is but I shall not persue the matter.
    It might be possible to return the paint because if it were unopened and unused the shop owner might take it back cuz I still have the reciept…Haiz, maybe can use for next year oh well

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