VJC sport’s day.

First things first and last things last. VJC sport’s day is SO much different from VS sport’s day. They have shelters at the grandstand. They set up tents to shield us from the sun and the drizzle that lasted for an hour or so. But I guess there’s a downside to it. Where’s the Victorian Spirit???
"We fight in the sun we fight in the rain…"
No wonder VJ doesn’t have that line. Simple things like setting up tents builds complacency. That’s why the VJ Victorian isn’t as tough as the VS Victorian. VS victorians come to VJ and let their guard down…That’s bad…This shows that we need Chia and Maran to keep us in check. If not we go wild. Nvms, I shall uphold the VS Victorian Spirit in VJ…
Anyway, they tried compacting the entire Aquila house into one small portion of the grandstand, a seemingly impossible task. Firstly the space was too little and the seats were wet (the ones uncovered by the tent). Somehow we managed to squeeze into our small allocated space. I had to use my towel to dry the seats and now it’s BLACK. Oh well, can wash… Aquila only has 2 cheers, waddehell. Repeat and repeat. They not sian meh? I appreciate their effort but… …Oh well. I was looking forward to chanting the "Why are we so pro…" cheer. But hey different environment. Lols. Aquila cheers will do just as fine. I noticed that there were quite few events during VJ sport’s day. Which is quite good. No point making us stay to watch everything… hahaz, only sprinting and relay events…While watching we were well taken care of with Pepsi and baloons for entertainment. Lols. Anyway I went to paint my face with blue face paint and made a mess out of it. Instead of 3 stripes it became 3 smudges. And my hands became bue because after painting my face with my fingers I rubbbed the thing between my hands…and there was hair spray. Darn it. Spray so much can’t see anything. Well, blue and black isn’t the best colour combo. Hahaz, nvms.
And then there was the highlight of the Sport’s day…CATERPILLAR RACE!!! OMGosh, it was so fun. first all of us tie our left foot together and we stand in al straight line. Apparently they use koyak or lousy string because all the teams burst the strings. Including our team. We came in second. PRO right??? why are we so pro…Because we have SYNERGY… We work together. I want to thank Cynthia for giving us moral support throughout the race. Haha, Thanks…Left right left right…
Yay finally I contributed to Aquila after the embarrasing defeat durig the 1500m event. Haish… Haha, although there’s no prize for second, we shall come in first next year muahahaha. Actually Draco cheated, all their strings burst and they weren’t "caterpillar-ing" anymore, they were just running together. We on the other hand had the other half of our team firmly secured with strings on our feet. Oh well, the PE teachers are blind, but I will make them see… –  Thomas Kwok (adapted from the heretic leader) hahaz.
The event was fun. Similiar to VS sport’s day yet different. The atmosphere is very high, unlike VS where everyone slouches and plays dead in the sun. VS ppl will learn to appreciate their sport’s day when they leave. Seriously…
Haha, that’s all for now.

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