Finally sailing training on Wed.

WooHoo! Sailing training today! Yippee! And today meet new Jap gp…Not so yay. Sailing YAY!!! Jap gp…yay…
Oh well, still have to meet them right. It is inevitable…Anyway we have to come up with a skit for "cultural night" on the first night. Lolz…Theme: The prince the stars the rose. I chose this setting: Starwars + LOTR + The Matrix. Cool huh. I’m still thinkin of the script but it will be absolutely funny. Maybe a touch of spongebob? Who knows? Muahaha, it’ll be funny anyway. VERY funny. ROFL funny…
And about my Jap group, I think they’re all okay. Except Li-anne whom I didn’t get to interact much with because she was LATE!!! And I can’t tolerate lateness. But it wasn’t her fault. LA make-up class. Probably her "pre-punishment" for being late. But without the Pre-punishment, she wouldn’t be late and need not be punished. Waddehell… …Lolz. I’m starting to like my group already. So many CAMPERS!!! Looks like there’s alot of campers looking forward to Mt fuji. Guess I won’t be alone…
Episode Fuji
To be conquered (continued)…
Anyway that’s all about my Jap group, now about sailing training. Today was okay. Moderate wind, didn’t get to trapeze because of the stupid sail and the leaky boat. The boat’s LEAKING for goodness sake. Do something! Alexi and I were like lagging behind everyone because of the extra weight and the stupid sail. Anyway I met this guy named Malcom. I thought he was dam Cao Peh at first. He told me to go out on trapeze with my back leg first. WHAT THE??? I have been trained to go out with my FRONT leg. Oh well. Then he was like sighing and shaking his head like I’m some noob. well, i AM some noob but not THAT noob. FINE! I’m a NOOB. Dunneed to show your discontent like that right? Wha liao. Then in the water I think I made like tons of mistakes. Number 1. Jib flaps Number 2.Boat balance sucks. Number 3. Blocked Alexi’s view. Number 4. Tacking like shit. And many others. At the end, Malcom gave us a debriefing. I learnt to keep the Jib sheet neat and tidy so that when tacking I don’t have to scramble to find where it is. Keep neat. And keep the Jib full at all times. That changed my impression of him. Well, perhaps he’s a nice guy. Oh well. Hahaz. Just recording my learning experience on my blog. Doesn’t matter if you don’t know what’s going on haha.
Tmr sport’s day! Yay! then Gym training! …yay…

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