It’s monday! You know what it means? It’s a new day and the MOST sucky day of the week. But haha, for most cases Monday sucks. Especially today. The day started out alright. I even set a new record. Chai Tow Kway in 5 minutes, piping hot and with Chilli. Haha, beat that. Then aftewr the record-breaking feat was SS. And today’s incident made me dislike our civics tutor even more. After we greeted him and the other formalitites, he looked around to check the guy’s hair. After sweeping around he said," Thomas you didn’t cut your hair!" I was stunned, I did! So I turned my head to show him my sloped back. Then he said," But your hiar is still touching your ears." WHAT THE!!! That’s it! That’s the limit. I told himn that it wasn’t. Well maybe it is but depends on how you look at it.But to me IT ISN’T! Then had a little brief "argument" with him and then he concluded that I was "living in denial"…What the hell lah…He’s not going to make me cut my hair the third time. No way absolutely no way. I mean no one checks whether hair touches the ears but hey I cut a slope already and that what counts. IT WAS HARD ENOUGH TO CUT A SLOPE AND YOU WANT TO CUT MY HAIR AGAIN ??!! The most I ask my aunt to help me cut but that will take longo time before thee next family dinner before we meet so Mr Yang, too bad. Muahaha. And then he was like picking on me for the entire lesson lor…Does he not know that people can multi-task? I can talk AND listen at the same time. What the heck lor. And then he scolded me for not listening. Hello, this is IP, not secondary school. Most or even ALL of us are blessed with abilities. And I so happen to be able to do two or more things at once. And in VS I canleave my hair like that, so long as it doesn’t touch the collar and defy gravity. And VS is a guy school, shouldn’t the rules be more strict than in VJ? No, it’s only a few teachers. Mr Seet and Mr Yang and the other PE teachers. What the heck? VJ rules state: Hair of boys should not touch the ears and slope at the back. No wonder they don’t bother about my long fringe. They bother about everything else except my fringe…Dam smart leh… To hell with him… But don’t get me wrong. I might not like him but I still respect him as a teacher. Something that most of us fail to do when we hate/dislike a teacher.
Then for LA, release of test results…Guess what. My score was non-zero, positive number of 20! YAY! 20! good enough for me but everyone around is like getting 30+ out of 60… That was depressing. And seeing all the crosses on my paper as well. Then as Mr Koh and Mrs Jay were going through the paper. I felt like: How the hell am I supposed to know that/think of that/do that within 1 hour and 30 minutes??? It impossible. That’s it. I’m ditching languages. Languages are not practical. We don’t need to have in-depth understanding of language. Screw LA…All we need in life is conversational english, written english and letter writing. Who gives a shit about arts? You know A.E.? Aesthetic emotion. Replace that with APATHETIC emotion, the result will be quite funny honest. Only sensitive viewers can feel A.E… …
What a day lah…Whole day after first break felt dam ticked off by Mr Yang and then LA comes and knocks you over the head. Haiz. IP life so rocks…
Thank goodness there’s training today, something to take my mind off academics. IF they’re still repairing the ceiling then I wouldn’t know what to do liao…

2 comments on “Slumps…

  1. Ahmad says:

    i agree.. i\’m beginning to hate him to.. it\’s too much.. he deserves to be shot.. BANG!

  2. Keith says:

    true….true…relax lah.I too have no idea why you need to cut hair UNTIL not touching ears blah blah blah zzzzz oh well male form teachers tend to be like that…

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