SUNday shines

WoHo, it’s the time of the week again…Time to go to church to worship the Lord. Yay! It’s palm Sunday today. When Jesus rode into Jerusalem for the last time before he got crucified. I just want to highlight one thing I learnt from today’s church. For the Youth fellowship (YF), we were having a bible study on the book of genesis. How the world began and so on. We soon drifted to topics such as Did God create sin and understanding the will of God and such. It is a common belief that Eve sinned because she ate the fruit from the tree of knowledge of good and evil. HOWEVER, is it wrong to have knowledge of good and evil? If God didn’t say "don’t eat it", eating the fruit would be okay. But since God said "no", then Eve had sinned. Her DISOBEDIENCE to God rather than the act of eating the fruit led to Man’s downfall. That’s something…
Secondly, we were also trying to understand God’s soveriegnity and will. You see, if before you sinned, God already know’s right? Then he had theoratically preordained you to sin right? Then why are we still punished for sinning? Didn’t God "make" me sin? It’s his fault not mine right? But no. We have 100% responsibility of what we do. (I don’t understand but it’s something like that). In Exodus we read that God "harderned" pharoah’s heart so that he would not let the Isrealites go. And Judas HAD to betray Jesus in order for God’s perfect salvation plan to take place. So is it their fault? Yes, but I don’t know why. Looks like for matters like this we have to rely on our faith to understand what is revealed to us. Then our preacher told us this story.
There was this missionary (I can’t remember who), he was trying to understand God’s will and he was very flustered because he couldn’t understand. One day when he was walking down the beach, he saw a little boy. He dug a hole in the sand and took his pail and filled it up with water from the ocean and poured it into the hole. The little boy kept doing this for some time. The missionary feeling very puzzled, went up and asked the boy, "What are you doing?" The boy replied, "I’m trying to fill my hole with the waters of the ocean." The missionary laughed because such a task was impossible. But after much thought, he realised that he was like that little boy. He was trying to cram the Oceans of God’s wisdom into his tiny brain. We were meant to only understand what has been revealed to us. We were not meant to understand God’s wil. He will only reveal it to us perhaps when he comes again? That’s some food for thought for the week…

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