Sailing upwind in a lull…

WhooHoo! Sailing prac today yippee!!! But guess what, all the J1s aren’t here. They have meet the parents session in the morning. Which means my helsman isn’t going to be around. And there are 3 420 sailors today. 1 helm and 2 crew. Waddehell? And the highly anticipated new 420 boats are finally here!!! Now we can use the 2 new ones instead of the leaky MOE boats…But I can’t rig it up…(-_-") I have no idea on how to rig up a 420 boat, let alone put in all the ropes and wires and set this up and all. Rigging up a new boat is different because once you rig the whole thing up, you don’t take it down anymore, at least for some parts connected to the main sail, and the Jib (second sail), and I have always been rigging up the "completed" boats and I’m still very vague on where goes where. Lols. Light wind + clueless = boredom. then one of the J2s (named Fawn. Fawn?? What a name) suggested I go sail with Mr Yong (Sailing teacher IC). Okay no problem. So I go rig up one 420, only to take the whole thing down because I put the ropes in the wrong places and didn’t pull this tight enough on and on. Haiz. At least I learn lolz.
Once we were in the water, there was a very light wind. VERY LIGHT. Which means no trapezing which means no fun which means boredom again. Hey but dun get me wrong. I love sailing. Just that these few days the wind has been very light. And that’s boring. So then in the water we just practice tacking (turning) and a briefing by Mr Yong on how to sail in light wind conditions. At least this briefing is much much much better than Mr Minimum’s lecture on sailing safety plus all his spastic wisecracks. At least Mr Yong’s briefing applies. After sailing for an hour or so into deeper waters, the wind finally began to pick up. First in bursts and then in full swing…Haha, trapeze time. But heck, Mr Yong said that it would be too troublesome to keep going out on trapeze every time a gust comes, cuz it only lasts a few minutes then it dies down. So I ended up sitting with my butt out of the boat, feet tucked under the footstrap and back leaning out parallel to the boat. Ow. It takes a great deal of stomach and back muscle to lie parallel to the boat. Imagine just lying on sit-up position and then lean back so that the angle from your back to the floor is about 30 degrees. Then straighten up your back, don’t arch it, and hold for about 2-3 minutes. Hurts right. And another thing, when you’re lyingout of the boat, your body is very close to the water, and if your body is that close, so is your face. Once a wave hits the boat from the front…haha…You get a slapping from the seawater. It literally slams into your face. And there Mr Yong is laughing away…Sadist…Lols, quite fun actually come to think of it…
Finally once we had our fun (not that way) , we began our slow return downwind back to shore…Sianz…So on the way back which took about 30 minutes, Mr Yong gave me another briefing on Sailing competition rules and regulations.
Always remember the starboard boat has the right of way…A starboard tack is when the sail in on the starboard side and port tack is the opposite…
Can’t remember all he said…Something about starting and raising flags and OCS and DNS and DNF. Haiz, must go dig out my long lost sailing rulebook…If not Mr Yong is going to kill me. I’m getting the idea that he’s doubting that I came in mid-fleet in my previous competition.
Once we were closer to shore we let down the main sail and sail with just the jib, which is like four times smaller than the main sail. What the heck? Mr Yong says it’s easier when sailing in strong wind conditions so might as well try now…
Haiz what a day. I learnt that Mr Yong has very high expectations for me and my helmsman. He wants us to be third in the inter-school A-division. That means we have to beat the stronger RJ and ACJC team to bag not the first or second but third in the competition. The first and second are "reserved" for nationals. They always win. Beat them and you might find yourself off to the next SEA games. Ironic, SEA games/sailing. Lolz. Anyway I will train my arm muscles and sailing tatics nonetheless and my team shall bag the bronze award. Or as my helmsman Alexi said to me when we were jogging, "Thomas you know that we have to get third right? You know what third means? Third means that we actually win something. We get a prize. Although we are like noobs now right, I’m sure by June (competition) we surely can get third." I’ll never forget that…
For God, for VJ, for 06V13, for my family, for myself and for that special someone, I will bring home that coveted position.

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