Aquila banner spree.

HAHA! We are painting Aquila banner today man… Yea! Haha, after boring electives (it’s boring cuz the teacher is boring) we went back to class and stone for some time. We suddenly realised that we hadn’t come up with a design yet. We only chose the words "We’ve got talons, you don’t" Anyway, due to 1-3 spirit or Yin Hing power, a design was immediately chosen, it appeared that she had already drawn something to put on the banner…Haha, then stone for another 5-10 minutes before chalk came and then we started drawing the eagle on the banner. The image was projected onto the banner on the whiteboard by means of the overhead projector. haha, smart right? Lolz…While the treehouse gang girls were busy chalking out the design onto the banner, the others were trying to open the paint cans. With much difficulty. Well, since there were like so many ppl everywhere crowding the place, I just walk around look see and zuo bo (do nothing)…Feel very extra lols. Then after 10 minutes, Jun Han managed to open the first can of blue paint. WhooPee!!! Second for shot put (WoHo, congrats anyway). Then there’s still one more problem, a massive can/bucket of white paint. We tried using coins, paintbrushes (??!! Donovan’s smart idea), the pins on a plug, sciccors everything, the stupid lid refused to budge. Finally it gave way to the sciccors. Muahaha…Again by Jun Han…
 Finally we got to work, then again, all the super enthu girls were all crowding around the banner…Leaving the guys as supervisors…Paint for around 15 minutes, everyone started to leave…But the loyalists shall stay, or stayed. hahaz. We let the paint dry for some time, then we started putting handprints all over the columns of the classroom. OMGosh, that’s so cool!!! We’re going to whitewash the wall anyway so it doesn’t matter….
Had alot of fun with the leftover paint. Like putting a red (WHOO!!! RED!!!) handprint on the camper armour and the white hand of Isengard on my helmet lols!!! And then with my white and red hand, I looked like some nut who caught NDP fever…Lols…It was fun lor…Painting almost all the cardboard boxes in class. Haha, I’m going to complete the camper armour another day. I’m going to paint it so that it’s waterproof, so that clown of a 1-4, Chin Chow or something liddat (can’t spell his name, i think it’s sheng chow or sth…) can’t spray me with his stupid water gun. Btw, today when he was hanging around in class and causing a nuisance by spraying us with his water gun and whacking ppl with his "tiger syle", "snake style" and "whatever style" kung-fu fighting. So we got sick with him and decided to exocytote him out of the class. But before that we wanted to let him leave with something. So we rallied the 1-3 army and taupoked him. And removed his water gun. So it’s ours now. haha, after that he totally surrendered and left the class without any resistance. Haha, so it’s 1-3 army 1, Grass Jelly 0…Hahaz now back to paint.
Actually got nothing else to say, just took alot of stupid photos with my newly decorated camper armour and the six of us (Cynthia, Johnny, Kevin, y-lynn, ahmad and me) all took bus 31 home and this ended out painting spree…
Haha, what a day…
PS. Those who want to go for Ice Age 2 pls leave a comment. So Long You Have An Interest, just leave a comment saying what days you are free next week from monday to thursday and your preferred date.

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