All alone in Japan, at least I’m going to be…

Well, heck. I’m the only 1-3 person in my group, group 4. Lucky number 4. The best number… haha, it’s not the number that matters actually. It’s the people in my group!!! There are no other 1-3 ppl and the other people are totally foreign to me. TOTALLY foreign. MAybe except, Ian cuz he’s a VS guy and we share somewhat common experiences. The rest like Dai Fei, Reema Baskar, Audrey Chua and Le-anne…Er…ring a bell? Nope not at all. What a fun trip I’m going to have lor…Honestly, they’re going to be better off grouping us into our classes. Cuz the VIP are like 4 immiscible liquids. No matter how to shake us, we’ll still come back to each other. Yuppz, that’s how we like all right…And I just found out how expensive Japan is. A bowl of ramen, without anything, just noodles is USD 5. WTH??? that’s like $8 for a bowl of noodles and soup??? Er…I can get like 3 hor fun for that lor…And Hor Fun is alot better than Ramen. whatever ramen is…But Hor Fun definetely tastes good, very good.
Haiz, there goes the fun in the japan trip. Hiking up mount Fuji with a bunch of campers you don’t even know…And the hike up mount mount Fuji is the HIGHLIGHT of the entire trip lor…I mean how many times do you get to use your camping gear in Singapore? For a serious camper, it’s not even once…Bukit timah isn’t a challenge at all. Mount Fuji is… Mount Fuji, await my coming…I hope we get to the peak though…not just some stupid vantage point. I want to conquer it. I want to go to the top and yell, "I did it!" But where are all my pals? All those that will support you throughout. Backpackers don’t go alone, they go in pairs or groups…
There’s a song for this, the chorus goes
With my backpack and my buddies and me…
As an Avid camper, I have my backpack, and me, buddies I’m not sure….
Hm…Maybe I shouldn’t take it all from a negative view. Ian is a good guy, I know that. Rhoda and Caitlin say that Le-anne is a "cute" person. (Er…Like I’m interested, I have my eyes set on someone else liao) The rest are still unknown. Haiz, maybe we can still  bond with each other since we’re all in the IP. But there are alot of people that I can’t work with…Nvm, this trip shall teach me
"Fate has us meet as foes, but this ring shall make us brothers…" – Gravemind, Halo 2
Haiz… There’s something I want to blog about but if you’re a non-christian I advise you to skip it…You can still read but content is abit "inappropriate"
You know for the past week, I made a "wager" with God. I asked him for a sign that * is the one for me. I told him, if she is in the same Japan group as me, she’s mine. If not…then perhaps she’s not the one. But then she’s not in the same group as me…Should I go according to God’s will? Or should I continue to chase her? Because I really like her and she’s like the "dream girl". Her nature is almost like mine. Really! I’m not joking. I’m not going to list it but yah, she’s very similiar. So I’m in a fix now…I will continue praying to God for guidance, maybe she is the one but she should not be in the same Japan group as me…Sounds like I’m giving myself false hope but honestly, it might be true. Maybe I’ll just take a step back now…Relax abit and look out for other signs that God might want to show me…But nonetheless, I will reveal my fondness to her during the Japan trip…You can be sure of that.
I pray for guidance from above…Adolescence isn’t easy

One comment on “All alone in Japan, at least I’m going to be…

  1. Kenny says:

    Sigh… No one i noe in my group. Gotta live wif it lor… Wad else can i do…Anyway, if we do feel uncomfortable being alone in the japan group, that could mean that there is a certain degree of bonding in our class. =)

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