Wednesday = chinese comp = dead

Whaaaa!!! Chinese comp today. Well I’m not afraid. I have my chinese dictionary as my sword and my past failures as my shield and my extremely limited vocabulary as a toothpick. Who brings a toothpick to war? It’s not the best weapon but I have my sword…Muahahaha, For one who dwells in darkness and sorrow knows no fear. I fear not the chinese composition. Just hope I don’t scrape the bottom of the class. A pass would be nice. Stupid chinese comp ruin my day…I just got myself into a high nd then BOOM! the chinese comp smacks you right over the head. Word limit 500. wha liao eh…argh. I shall not feel intimidted, I shall take the chinese comp head on. Just like sailing. Meet a storm, ease out the main sail all the way and point to wind. Let the current push you back to shore. After the paper, I was wobbling liao. 3 pages of chinese writing is enough to kill. Slay and decapitate. Haiz. But cannot do anything lor… sad, I hope I pass. I feel confident of passing. A first time…
Then for maths is the worst. Perle, priscilla and cui Yue seem to know everything I don’t. Perle is like yay! Discriminants!!! "You learnt this before right?"
"Yah, my uncle taught me."
"knew it…"
Waddehell…I feel so inferioir. But I shall stick to my motto. I shall not let myself be scared by a bunch of numbers. But it IS scary… math-o-phobic, physics-o-phile, ironic isn’t it? Haha.
Then bio lesson. We start new topic liao, transport processes. Learnt before liao. Diffusion osmosis, all the same thing. But Miss Fong’s animated nature makes the lesson very interesting lols. Sometimes I feel like laughing lor…It can get really interesting…
CT session was outrageous…Mr Yang said, Attitude is a matter of choice. So? Have the right attitude and CHOOSE to cut my hair? Boddy hell lah…it was seriously irritating…I DON’T want to cut my hair…And Perle beside me is like "*whine* My hair is too long…" I will be like "WHAT??? You don’t want your hair you donate some to me…" And it’s not like I’m a hippie or something. I just want to keep longER hair. Not hair long enough to tie but just longER hair…At least I still have my fringe. Something to pull when I’m stressed out by maths or when I dun understand sth. And if Mr Yang tells me to cut it as well. I shall tell him,"Attitude is a matter of choice. I don’t want to cut my hair because I CHOOSE to cut it and I have an attitude of NOT cutting a sloped back. " Wha…always very pissed off after CT session.
After everything, they had a jacket design discussion. They had this funny idea that I didn’t like but at least they’re having the discussion…
The day was very bland, nothing interesting except for Chinese comp. Which was SO interesting…Heck. Nothing much to write about actually there is but I don’t want to tel you.
I feel that I’m getting better now. It’s one week after last wednesday and I feel that I’ve "healed" from the depression lols. And, throughout the day, I felt that something was missing, something tugging the back of my mind…(and heart)
PS. Jillian suggested all they guys shave their heads. WoHo. What a bright idea!!! And prissy agreed. WHAT THE he** (oops I shouldn’t be swearing but seriously), then why not the girls leave their hair long enough to sweep the floor just by walking. What an insensitive statement… Shave my head. Do you know how much strength it took just to cut a slope? If somebody is going to force me to shave my head…That person is going to get hurt real bad…
But of course I didn’t say all these. I usually don’t say what I’m thinking. There’s alot going in my mind but I don’t say it…

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