YEAH MAN!!! Finally I am reaping the fruits of labour and I also want to thank God. 25/30 for physics test. That’s enuf to cheer me up for like the whole week.
Yes, yea man, yay, WoHo, whoopee, yahoo! And all other forms of expression of happiness. And I dun have to bang my head against the wall. Yay!!!!!! My head is saved. I think Mrs Cheng abit basket also…she means no harm but it’s demoralising. "I look at the name then ay?" Like I’m NOT supposed to get what I got, wth…basket right? But she means no harm so can’t blame her.
Today the Ice Age 2 rally was a flop again…Like most other activities. Hell…No one seems to be interested in Ice Age 2…such a good movie and only like 5 ppl want to go? Er…I was hoping at least 1/2 the class = 14 ppl. Or at least more than 10. And the movie screening of Ice Age in class was a flop as well. No sound…wth, then about like 10% through the show the thing hang. Cannot play the DVD anymore. WTH??!! Then gym also so crowded. Gym is depressing. Everytime you want to do something, you look at the weights. And they are double if not triple your own, which means that the guy before you just did it. Then you lower it to whatever you lower it to. Usually a very large amount for me. Some guy was actually staring at me when I was struggling with 22.7 kg for the bench press. Feel so pathetic…But I’ll train, gradually.
Hey my blog is getting shorter and shorter…dun have time to blog anway. IP is so stress. But if you can survive it, it’s really  a nice place to be in.
If you can survive…

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