Monday aka. Chinese test day…

Wth lor…today chinese test. Some test…it’s an EXAM!!! I think they’re just trying to "relieve" our stress by calling it a "test". Well it’s major and that’s it. And I can’t believe I was late for it. I thought after assembly still can go back to class to get my pencilbox, but no…The test started without me. And Cynthia, she was late as well. Hahaz. That’s it I’m so screwed. No time to mentally prepare myself for failure…My mind was blank. I only filled in 40% of the words for tian xie han zi. wth. I’m gonna die. The rest was worse. I managed to finish the paper but I’m still going to flung it. My answers were like super short and super shallow. Okay enuf about Chinese test. I’m so screwed…I think I’m getting used to all this. Failure and all. Part and parcel of the IP I guess…Where doing well is not an option. It’s a matter of pass or fail. Like university hahaz. Haiz…
Anyway Mrs Cheng is back in the house or back in school. With packet of macadamian nuts for us. How nice, shared with Miss Hu. Didn’t get a chance to eat it though. There were obviously MUCH lesser than 28 nuts inside. It’s like M&Ms but instead of peanut it’s macadamian nuts. Actually I could have took. When I got the packet there were 3 left. But BE A MAN and DO THE RIGHT THING. I guess others also haven’t ate it yet and I’m not craving for one, so I let it pass.
Something interesting happened during break today. Hahaz. I shall not state what it is but someone got a bookmark from her "secret admirer" hahaz. How interesting…
The rest of the day went very regularly aka. bland. New topic for LA : the Arts…I see no point in arts but haiz, have to do it anyway…The only art i think is ART is movies and Xbox games (YES it is an art.)…
Gym training now…got to get stronger for sailing competition. My chest muscles are super weak…Nvm, train…and 1 day I’ll get better…
Gtg now, update this another time today

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