It’s April, fools!!!

Today was the most boring april fools day ever, well perhaps it was on a weekend but no jokes except one. One really freaking one by Cynthia. It was a good joke but nonetheless, freaky.
MSN chat
Cynthia: Thomas, did you know that someone in class has a crush on you?
Me: ?? Rlly?
Cynthia: Yup, guess who.
——————————-after 3 clues and 3 guesses, I still couldn’t get it right————————————-
Me: er…(clue was from her table and from our "clique"), is it stephanie?
Me: Can’t be you right?
Cynthia: (silly emote) Yup it’s me, haha
Me: ??!! (stunded)
Cynthia: Really, I hate it when you always talk about *ahem*(can’t tell you YET. She knows but you DON’T)
Me: I dun believe you. You’re joking right?
Me: I knew it, happy april fools…
Cynthia: No, it’s real… (Lols and hahas ensue)
Me: Lemme get this right, is it real or is it a joke
Cynthia: hahahahah
Me: I knew it…
Cynthia: hahahaha, just can’t stop laughing
———————————————–change topic———————————————————————
Waddehell? Good joke right? I can’t really replicate the joke but it was stupid yet realistic. Oh my. Must learn, but my jokes are all slapstick, I dun deal with these kind of matters.
Finally, sailing prac today. Yipee!!! WOOHOO!!! THREE CHEERS FOR SAILING PRAC!!! CHEERS, CHEERS, CHEERS!!! Okay that was lame…but I was rlly excited. But guess what the wind was so light. Not enuf to let me go out on trapeze. Waddehell. Secondly have to sit on power boat for 80% of the time…Sad but I learnt something from watching the laser boats from the powerboat. One can actually sail without the rudder, all one needs is balance. To bear away lean windward, to point to wind, sheet in and lean leeward. You probably have no idea what I’m saying but I’m just keeping a record so dun worry. Hahahahaas.
Haiz, unfufilling but at least I learnt how to do a rolling tack for 420 and how to lean when sailing laser class boats. and I finally got to use my new gloves. Yippee! Sad yet happy. er…nvms…
The rest of the day was boring as in boring as in really boring. Get what I mean? Mugging chinese and trying to finish chem lab report when I don’t have the results but haiz. welcome to IP life. You know what it’s like? Imagine a hawaiian beach…facing inland, the nice tropical background with whte clean sand and music in the backdrop. You breathe in a breath of fresh sea air(yummy) and walk inland. as soon as you enter shrubbery. The scenery changes. a land of death and suffering. a place where survival is top priority… Welcome to IP life my friend. hahaz not trying to scare the would-be new intakes, but face it, it takes alot of time to settle. and settling in is difficult. Alot of difficult settling time = STRESS and DEPRESSION and…and…and…see got so many bad things that I forget what they are. Lols, but IP is a nice place though. So long as you don’t take it as a chore.
haha, that’s all I have to say now. When the day is over I’ll add more stuff okay? BRB…
PS. nice to see that ppl are starting to use MSN spaces other than blogs. See? When I use MSN space ppl say blog better, now what? hahaha. I was right all along. MSN space is better! Muahahha

One comment on “It’s April, fools!!!

  1. Cynthia says:

    lousy lousy =P i thought you wouldn\’t get trick la! hahahaa master crapper got trick -.-\’\’

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