Fiday,much better than Wednesday

Whoa…I guess it’s getting better. Wedesday was like 100X lousier than what is happening now. First of all the Bio test wasn’t that tough although I know I lost a few marks here and there but I will pass. And there was the long break and we used it to TC (talk cock). I really enjoy TCS (talking cock session), helps to de-stress and build friendship. But haha, I only TC with my group. Anyway I have identified 3 VERY distinct cliques already. On friday when we went over to 05V12 classroom, everyone just seperated into their cliques…I’m guilty of that but haha, no space left at my table so shift lor…It was fun sitting with the PRCs, I believe they are the most neglected. Must spend more time with them… So thursday was cool. And by the way, I didn’t punch the wall at home as I said I would in the previous entry. Saving my fists for Sailing training on Sat. THERE BETTER BE TRAINING!!!
Now friday, 31/3/2006. Tmr’s April fool’s day. So the CT of 06v12, Deejee, decided to play a little prank. Change classrooms. I thought this was a horrible idea. It would piss the teachers off cuz lesson time is wasted and I believe there is already some friction btw IP students and the teachers. Dun want to push them beyond the limit. But oh well, I’m just one guy. Can’t really influence EVERYONE right? So we ended up downstairs at 06v12 classroom. It was SOOOO NICE!!! Too bad we don’t have a $2000 budget to spend…If not our class would already have carpets and Sofas. ESPECIALLY SOFAS!!! We love sofas and cushions haha.
Then for every teacher that comes in we do something VERY lame. Like singng happy birthday, merry christmas and stuff liddat. People think it’s funny, I think it an infringement of personal right to "non-lameness". Can see the pissed off look on every teacher’s face. Joke sia. And for announcements during assembly, they had like 5 minutes of crap lo…Shitty, crappy, false yet REALISTIC announcements. haha joke…Then they made VJCO play the national anthem. Cool huh. But it was too soft. Well, CO is very soft and you need either an auditorium or a HUGE CO to hear them. But you can hear the suo na anywhere. And there were this bunch of clowns mocking the Victorian anthem. They went to play it rock style, and yelled it out, not sing. It sounded awful. Honestly, even Ronin sounded better than that hoarse clown on stage. VS guys will understand who is Ronin. It was a rock band that came to our school for teacher’s day 2005, it was a ripoff cuz the singer was cuckoo…I shall not explain further.
Then the day went very well. and not to mention today is VS SPORT’S DAY!!! Everyone was soo excited. I was excited cuz can see my frens, classmates were excited to see that bumbo-clown Chia. Finally after boring electives, I rushed down to the treehouse and went to scan the area for familiar faces. I did find my ex-classmates but Chia didn’t scold anyone so the fun is gone for those who came to see him. and he was standing at the other end of the grandstand, so we couldn’t see him from the treehouse. and the girls can’t just swaddle over to the other side, they’ll draw ALOT of stares lor…and I’m rather uncomfortable with 50% of the VS guys staring at one partiular girl or "my" girl. Haha. Chope already haha.
After like half an hour all hell breaks loose, it started raining, and it rained HEAVILY….There goes sport’s day, down the drain with the rain water. Everyone was packed in the canteen. Lols. so good time to chat, but not good time to get tau-poked. As I said I am un-taupokable, but under such circumstances I can’t be sure. But anyway I did save my neck. So as I said I AM un-taupokable. Muahaha. Anyway after chatting went back to class to meet PH and Cui Yue, we’re supposed to cut hair together but kena pang seh by them…Wha liao eh…Anyway rain so heavy I’m not going anywhere lor…So En wei went to borrow the truman show from Mr Chew and we watched it in class. So when the rain stopped I could finally go to the bus stop to take a bus to a salon in bedok. No details on cutting hair but I shall say it’s agonising and its really short now. If I am caught by any teacher for long hair he must be outofhismind. There, just an example of how short it is. You can see on manday anyway. Haiz…there goes my "longER" hair at the back. Nvm, hope it grows back by Japan trip. haha, hope my sideburns grow back too. That will take a while.
kk, that’s all from me…I’m much happier now haha, thanks and all praise to God.

2 comments on “Fiday,much better than Wednesday

  1. Kevin says:

    yes, the cliques…
    anw..the senior classroom muz be like model…sadly according to lis we gonna change calssrooms next year… hope not la.. else cannot decorate classroom…
    sad case…
    muz mug chinese!!!

  2. Cynthia says:

    eh i think the happy birthday is so comical !! haaaa !!! anw you\’ll go well for ur tests la smartypants

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