Monday – Physics test…

WoHo, today Physics test… Super scared lor…Physics is the only thing I’m good at, and if I flung or do badly for this test I will be like so screwed. Well, haha I had a covenant with myself. If i flung the paper I will bang my head on the wall 20 times. OUch, thats gotta hurt so DON’T FLUNG THE PAPER!!! Must do well!!! Argh, physics test is the second lesson. No point trying to squeeze anything into my head during chinese lesson cuz I’m already trying to absorb watever the teacher is trying to teach and I can’t afford to be distracted which I usually am. Haha, take a look at my chinese textbook and it’s filled with halo drawings, swords and medieval weapons and armour lolx…
Okay…now time for physics test the test that will determine the condition of my head…Mrs Cheng wasn’t around so Mr Boy came in to relief, or give us the test… I saw the paper. first question micrometer screw gauge…Bad news. "class you won’t be needing foolscap paper." VERY GOOD NEWS… Then the test began…I zoomed thru the paper as fast as Thomas does a physics paper, which is as fast as how he does it, which is as fast as… …Haha. It was okay. I didn’t know a few questions, not sure for some BUT ENUF TO KEEP MY HEAD from the brutality of the wall. Haha…I’m okay and will be okay…
And now…I shall blog about my crush in class. Hope my sis isn’t reading this but oh well it’s natural right? I’m not going to say who but I have been liking her for quite some time now…You will not know who is it because I have been very subtle…And it’s getting irritating in class. Everytime I’m bored my eyes will start to drift to so and so and the feeling is that kind of "aw…just look at her" kind of feeling. I don’t think you can express it in words but I guess this is the closest it can get. Okay enuf about my crush. I’m very proud of her anyway, she’s starting to talk more in class, which means she’s settling down. Which is a good thing. Haha.
Alright, just want to quickly write down this story I heard on Sunday during the sermon at church. It’s about the power of prayer.
Once there was this little conservative christian town. All of a sudden, a bar sprang up right in the middle of this town. The Elders of the church were greatly upset and they held an all-night prayer meeting praying that God will remove the Bar and so on…All of a sudden, lightning really struck the bar and it burned to the ground. The owner was furious with the Elders and brought them to court. The Elders kept insisting that it wasn’t their fault but the owner claimed that the Elders had prayed to bring this disaster upon his bar. At the end the judge said,"I cannot decide who is right and who is wrong but I have realised something: the owner of the bar believes in prayer but the Elders do not…
Has this been the case for many of us? Prayer is a powerful tool. It is a means of which we communicate with God and build relationships with him…I will never forget this story…

One comment on “Monday – Physics test…

  1. Cynthia says:

    your story rocks =) meaningful .. ahhaah !! toook quite awhile to und but well nice story .. and i pray that ur sis dun read la

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