Sailing training. Index: 1

Yoz ppl, sailing training on Saturday. WhooHoo!!! My passion for sailing is UNQUENCHABLE. Muahahaha. I have been deprived of the opportunity for 2 whole bloddy years and I’m back in actioan. Muahahaha. I am unstoppable except by the traffic police. But sailing got no speed limit. Therefore no summon. Haha, unstoppable!!! Traffic police can’t stop me…Lols, anyway back to sailing. It was supposed to start at 9 am, therefore be there at 8:45.  I was so enthu that I came at 7:50. Actually I got the timing wrong but heck. I’m so enthu. And I was listening to the Halo soundtrack 5 times I just put into my MP3 (I have an MP3 hahaz) and exploring the place. Lols, when everyone came and after we rigged up the boats it was 10:30. That was really late but oh well. Anyway I was feeling really wierd lor. Me, a noob, among all the proded ppl who get like 5th to 1st in competitions…argh…Till the day I become like them. Haiz, anyway there were 7 420 sailers today. So my boat got 3 ppl. Lols. Move super slow and tacking was super clumsy.
Today I learnt about tacking. How to change sides quickly and effectively. I was told to do it within 1-2 seconds and I was taking like 5? Waddehell…Competition in June and I haven’t got my license and I suck at tacking. Wth…But Fawn, Fon (whatever her name was) said my sense of boat balance not bad. YAY!!! Finally something I’m good at. Whew, I’m not a sucker after all. And after a whole day of tacking and trapezing…we went back to shore. Trapezing is fun but it’s really tiring. My arm was aching after we came back. argh…but as i said. It was FUN! Lols, have a bath lunch and zabo!
But my parents who came to pick me up insisted that I get my gear today at the sailing shop at the NSC. So I got my gloves (FINALLY NO MORE ROPE BURN!!!) and my boots (FINALLY NO MORE "SLIP-UPS") yippee!!!
Haha, what a day.

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