Join the FLAG

Another shitty day in the IP, hm…days are getting shittier and shittier and more frequent. What did i do to deserve this??? VS ppl might be laughing their heads off lor… Haha, IP bastard VS blood traitor who ask you go IP? Huh? See what u get? Leave VS go VJ (or even worse TA) haha serve you right. Anyway Lang arts test and Bio microscopy test today. 2 tests on one day. WoHo!!! But it seriously sucks. I think I did well for Bio, I hope to get full marks for that one, it was really chicken. I believe many of the 06V13 ppl would agree with me. Then it was Lang arts test during EA period. Enrichment period for tests??? Why not call it CA day instead of thursday. Stupid right? Left. Of course it can’t be stupid. It’s SPASTIC, RIDICULUS, OUT-OF-THE-WORLD, MADNESS, RETARDED and so on. Honestly I didn’t prepare much for the test. I didn’t know how in fact. I refuse to memorise everything. There’s just not enuf grey matter to store the stuff liao. at least I have a brief idea on everything. ALMOST everything…
The test began at LT 5. I was tired and pissed at the fact that there’s a lang arts test. Well, the test started with a huge timer projected on the screen. 1:30:00 and counting down… …Stress lor…I think Mr Koh is a sadist. haha. Lols. Anyway I gave short and incomplete answers to everything cuz I dunno!!! I’ve never been good at this…And I forgot what Human liberalism was (if non-IP ppl, you’ll probably NEVER know what the hell that is)
So, I’m screwed!!! I just hope I get a postive number for my test. EVERYONE found it difficult. And to vent our frustrations, the guys started to punch, whack, clobber, stab  the domok in our class, it’s in bad shape now. Really bad shape…I took the opportunity to kick it and rip it to shreds…which I didn’t do. I just kicked it and made a few dents with my knuckles. Can’t seem to break the cardboard with one punch though…So sad. But it did help to relieve abit of stress.
So ppl, when you fee like hitting someone or something, whack  a cardboard box…
By the way, FLAG means Fail Lang Arts Gang. I might consider joining it soon.

2 comments on “Join the FLAG

  1. Cynthia says:

    HAHA. join flag =) but if you get positive number.. your membership will expire and must do forfeit =P anw VIP does suck sometimes .. just make the best out of it ;p with sailing and ahem

  2. zj. says:

    hahaha. expire eh? 🙂 i will fail de i tell you. but at least i\’m better than some people who will like top the whole level and say what damn scared will fail..
    and o0ps :/ i\’m really sorry i can\’t join sailing with you guys. xc trainings are too tough and i can only concentrade on it. sorry..

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