Performance ZERO

Today was one shitty day…Kena scolded by our dimwitted PE teacher. That guy is quite interesting actually and he does make some good points SOMETIMES…Tell you all about him. That guy can spend half the PE lesson talking on soccer SAFETY before letting us play games AFTER a 2.4 km RUN. Er…What time is left for soccer? And another thing, he likes to use the word ‘minimum’ I think he’s obsessed with it. "I want you people to run MINIMUM 6 rounds aroud the track. mininmum" then he scolds us for only running six. Wierd right? And I think he’s a show off. During the mass guys-only scolding (not our fault we came in earlier than the girls…If the opposite happened then sth’ s wring right) he scolded us for running only 6 rounds. He said that every round we do, we do for our lungs and heart (which is quite true). and that we should exercise after PE lessons.(which is true as well) Then he said that he runs 7 times a week. I mean DUH… He’s a PE TEACHER!!! After 3 pm they have seriously nothing to do. No lessons to plan, no work to mark, no nothing. So? Go run lor…US on the other hand…Have homework, CCA, projects, meetings, outings…Er…not much time for extra PE… …And he accuses us for not doing our own exercise. HELLO, there’s something called CCA!!! We go for TRAINING sessions, GYM workouts. Is he blind or blind? Haiz, enuf about the bugger… Today’s PE lesson was crap anyway. Run first play later. Okay, no problem. I chiong 1.6 km first… 7 minutes. Shit…after that no energy to run liao, so just jog the other 2 rounds. And I gave up doing chin-ups, too tough. I can’t pull myself up. then after the run and the scolding went to play basketball… …basketball…OF ALL THINGS TO DO!!! basketball, there’s BADMINTON, FLOORBALL and soccer. but of all things BASKETBALL??? then throughout the game  just camp at one spot lor…haha, that’s y I decide to change my nick to Shadow Camper instead of Shadow Raider. I still like Raider…Haiz, use both lah…
Funny thing was that our PE teacher was standing beside the court and he squat like some tua pek gong. Super hilarious. After the game he said that 50% and 20% of the guys and girls respectively can play, so he will consider a PE course on Basketball. WTH??? Great, I want badminton.
Then today was Sport’s Day heats. Guess what. I’m LAST for 1500m event. Running against the IP2s and the faster IP1s, just did myself a favour man… Oh well, new motto
Last but definitely not the least. Do yourself a favour. at least I got a new personal best of 6:19.01 seconds… 🙂

One comment on “Performance ZERO

  1. Thomas says:

    I can\’t believe I can make my own comment to my own blog!!! hahahahahah, JOKE!!!
    Anyway let\’s let my alter-ego have a say.
    Alright no more comments

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