Another dull day…

Yoz, I’m back in action…with a thoat infection. Heck, second time this year…AND IT’S ONLY MARCH!!! Wat’s happening to my immune system??? Do I have AIDS? Haha, can’t be, if not I would have been killed by the throat infection long ago. Anyway I had it since thursday. Thank God Sailing prac was cancelled, if not I might have passed out on the boat. Seriously thank God…
Somehow I was compelled to eat Bak Kwa and biscuits and that worsened my condition. But hey, I didn’t know it was a throat infection, I just thought it was just some fever, no sore throat no nothing, just a mild fever of 37.5. AND i clearly remember my father’s friend who was a doctor saying that Bak Kwa is good for you if you have a cold. So I ate lor… Anyway some might be wondering WHY THE HEC* do I still HAVE Bak Kwa???!!! Simple reason: because I DIDN’T EAT IT!!! Hahaz, since CNY, it’s still good but just as damaging to the throat. Anyway now I’m stuck at home losing my voice (haha, haven’t found it yet) and fever-ing at home…some grammar but hey, it’s a blog. I can do ANYTHING I want. Muahahaha and no one is going to stop me. I can type with my elbows too. nmhdmjdfnn d fc ndxn smnd ds nkkcfc dsrdd haha, bet u ppl can’t do that right? I mean WHO can actually come up with the exact combination of nmhd…..? Haha, only me.
Oh wel, since I’m stuck at home I can’t go for Op.EC 2 right? So sad…I rlly wanted to go but look what happened…I’m gonna curse Bak Kwa for the rest of the year (and stop in time for next year’s CNY). Anyway those who were going had a "surprise" for me. They cancelled the whole Operation and turned up at my house!!! What a pleasant surprise. Thanks for coming, and brightening up my day. Although my voice was hoarse I still found a way to talk to you guys. Thank God again.
anyway just a little account on what happened at my house. Cynthia and Yining were giggling at my childhood photos. How shameful right? "doesn’t look like you!!" was their catchphrase for the day. And for the guys of course it was hit the console time… I just figured out that Nivek is a terrible pilot if you invert the controls and Kenny enjoys killing Marines in Halo 2. Sadist right? After our gaming session was lunch. Yupp, lunch at my house. FOC. =) Then we talk cock till 3. Cynthia left early so she missed the ultimate joke of the TCS (talk cock session). We told Yining about the time we asked Caitlin the question about fried rice. Did you know that you can just take rice from the rice bin and pour it into the wok and fry it to get fried rice? Yining was smart to say that you can’t do that. But she said something else,"I thought you have to add water first?" That had us rolling around in laughter…After that was mostly VS talk and I think we left her out. feel abit guilty…
anyway thanks guys for coming and making me feel valued and treasured. Thanks a dozen multiplied by a dozen squared….

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