Operation East Coast 2

Yoz, ppl…Haven’t been posting for quite some time lo but I’m back nonetheless…or nonethemore. Watever but anyway we’re having a day at the beach this saturday. 18/3/2006. It’s going to be in the morning only so just go have fun. I know the holiday homework is enough to bury someone with stress so might as well come down and bury yourself in sand…or seawater…hahaz. Anyway, so far Yining, Ah Zhai, Andrea, Ahmad and Jun Han are going. What a crowd…That’s why we need YOU. Yea YOU…So we can have a rea crowd and have lots of fun!!! Yea! Forget about Holiday homework, just go enjoy for 1 morning…And if you have other activities, SCRAP them this is one outing that shall not be missed…Really. Anyway enuf of talking so much the details are below…Read and leave a comment to tell me if you’re going. I NEED the comments, even if you’re not going just leave a comment kk?
Details of Op. EC 2…
Fishers: Meet at 7 am at bedok interchange we’ll proceed to bedok jetty from there. Fishers pls bring extra fishing rods if you have, if not we’ll all be sharing like 3 rods? Not enuf so bring your own…
Non-fishers: meet at bedok jetty at 10 am at bedok jetty, the games will commence at 10 so be punctual…
Program: 7-10: Fishing, 10-11:15: amazing race (T.Kwok style…muahahaha), 11:20-11:50 wet games (T.kwok style as well hahahaha) and then wash up and OTOT, perhaps we go out for lunch after that?
Things to bring: Hat, extra set of clothing, sandals, water bottle, fishing rod (if you’re fishing), plastic bag to put your wet stuff and an old toothbrush (seriously bring an OLD toothbrush)…
kk, thats all pls comment kk?

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