Is our class breaking up? Part 2

It seems  that I have sparked off a rather large debate about the matter I have posted. And it’s mainly because of this statement: No amount of class bonding activities or whatsoever is going to help. Right here and right now I shall explain why I made this cold hard statement.
Firstly, do you really think it’s going to help? A full class outing with everyone would be no different then being in class. Everyone is still the same. It’s not like people will SUDDENLY want to mix around with everyone. People are going to stay in their own cliques. Honestly, think about it. You have a circle of "best" friends, close friends and just friends, which group are you going to spend your time with? Of course your close friends and best friend right? But is everyone in our class your best friend or close friend? I don’t think so. You probably already started disliking me because I said that. Get what I mean?
Secondly, I DID NOT say that everyone should stay in cliques or gang together against another clique or something. I believe that the class will unite together when the time calls for it but other than that we’re all seperated. Like a liquid, bunches of molecules moving about in random motion. But ultimately we are still a liquid, 1 class. People say that the best friends we’ll have in life are our secondary school friends and army friends. Since our secondary education is somewhat, erm, shortened, the best friends we’ll have is right here right now. And these good friends are MOSTLY going to be in your clique.
It’s tough bringing cliques together. Imagine trying to bring PAP and WP together. Seems impossible right? Yah, we might not have that type of competition with each other but hey, we’re still in different cliques. And it’s not easy bring them together. The welfares and I are cracking our heads over this matter. I’ll give you an example. You know for Op. EC (I’m revealing inside info since it’s cancelled), we decided to split everyone RANDOMLY into three groups. But I figured that this would not work out. We wanted people to mix but it seems that by mixing, some people will feel out of place and we also cannot let them group themselves. This is one likely scenario. I’m going to use names here but i mean no offence to anyone. I repeat, I mean no offence to anyone, your name is here because you show a specific character trait.
Group 1.: Yi Ning, Andrea, Keith, Zhai Juan (only an example, actual groups have not been chosen)
Do you think such a group will work out? Yes? Probably, but think again.
The main activity was supposed to be an amazing race around East Coast. Who do you think will end up leading the group? Yi Ning right? What about Andrea? I’m guessing that she’ll just take the back seat and listen to everyone, since I’ve placed her in an awkward position with no one in the group being her close friend. Keith? He’ll just swagger around cracking, lame jokes and pissing Yi Ning off. Zhai Juan on the other hand will be the most enthu person, always running off to the next station to find his group still very far back.
Ok, this is an example and I stress again…NO OFFENCE TO ANYONE…
Do you still think this group will work out if I said that you have to move as a group and do the tasks as a group? Maybe not right? I’m not saying that these people cannot work with each other but their personalities are extremely different. Put everyone in their respective cliques and we’ll have a more exciting race.
Get what I mean?
pls comment.

2 comments on “Is our class breaking up? Part 2

  1. Perle says:

    heyloo didn\’t know you have a blog.
    it\’s quite difficult to bring people of different interests and personalities together. we stick with people that we share a common interest in and that\’s why we are together, and then viewed as a gang.
    but maybe the use of the word clique is too strong.
    cliques are HIGHLY exclusive.
    but then again, i think clique(s) do exist in our class.
    and quite obvious.

  2. Kevin says:

    there\’s really no way to bond the WHOLE class together..really..wat we can do is bond a few ppl at a time, slowly bonding through each other rather than all at once..dats wat i tink la so…

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