Is our class breaking up?

Yoz, this is a serious matter but I shall speak of it informally. First of all, I spied with be little bespectacled eyes and with tip-offs from reliable sources that the cliques in class are getting very obvious, and people are starting to dislike one another…
First of all I would like to correctly identify the cliques in class. There are a few that seem to hang around everywhere in other words do not belong to a particular clique which is a good thing doesn’t mean you’re outcasts or something haha. Pardon me if I listed your name wrongly, it is just an estimate.
Clique 1. Lis, Yi ning, Donovan, CK, Prissy, Jill
Clique 2. Me, kevin, kenny, Jun Han, Ahmad
Clique 3. Yin Hong, Perle, Stephanie, Rhoda
Clique 4. PRCs…Dun have to specify
See, 4 rather distinct cliques in the class…Some can work with others some cannot. Forming cliques is not a problem honestly, so long we can come together as a class and really love our class…Unfortuantely I believe this ISN’T happening in our class. We’re breaking up…Honestly this is a growing problem, a VERY big growing problem. And I believe that the Class com. cannot tackle this at all. The Class com. is breaking up, as well. I just realised today. Different people have really different perceptions about others. Take me for example. I admit that sometimes I can be really apathetic. I make a sarcastic comment that might have hurt someone deep inside. I don’t know if that has happened, but I now say  I’m really sorry if you were hurt by me, I don’t mean it. Some people think I’m some retarded moron who can’t shut his bloody mouth and some people think I’m indispensable, they need the jokes and comments to lighten their day. But then, I, too have different views about people in our class and I am also starting to dislike a few people…I shall not specify in this entry or any subsequent entry…I don’t like to point fingers at anyone…
The situation is getting worse as I said before. The worst problem is that the comm. is also breaking up. However, we do have to have ppl from different cliques in the class to form the Class comm. But it’s getting hard…I can work with most people and some people can’t work with me. Same thing, it’s all relative…
I’m not going to say, "Let’s unite together and put our differences behind us! Let us together form a better 06V13!!!" Nope that’s not going to happen…Not one bit…Everyone is unique and uniquely different with each other. The most we can do is TOLERATE…But that’s unhealthy and so is working is the same group all the time. So how? There seems to be no solution at all…
I have no idea how to solve this problem…No idea at all. No amount of class "bonding" and no amount of tolerating will solve the problem…So let’s have a thought about this k?
For 06V13.
Pls comment.

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