Monday…another day in school, plus gym training lols

Haiz…back to school, but can TC with my frens yay!
Lols, today is like any other day for all of us. EXCEPT that there’s the crap book to fill in muahaha. Then I’m going to publish it…But it’s not going to be some jokebook. That’s an insult… Very few jokebooks can make me laugh. Some are just plain stupid. A pure waste of money BUT the Crapper’s crappy guide to ultimate crapping WILL be THE BOOK TO RULE THEM ALL… Muahaha, although at the end of the day, 5 pages were barely full but hey…I got the whole year to do it…hahas
Anyway gym training…
Before training:
Johnny: Oi, where u going?
Me: Gym training
Johhny: What??!! *mouth agape
Me: Wha liao…like I’m some weakling, just that you never seen me do training doesn’t mean I can’t right?
Johnny:Haha, just that I never seen you doing gym training before…
Ok…Guess I have to rethink my image. From some CO weakling to avid Sailor…Johnny still doesn’t believe I can sail…Yah…CO weakling eh? The Pipa is rather heavy you know… Might be as heavy as your air rifle muahaha…
Anyway gym training was erm, tiring. The stupid assisted pull-up was the second worst…Made my muscles hurt like siao…The ultimate was the bench press…Whoa, nvr all weights my arm all numb after the three sets of 12…Haiz, guess  have to train lor… Must do 5 pull-ups by EOY…
Nvm, I’m not complaining…All for VJ sailing…
All the way…

One comment on “Monday…another day in school, plus gym training lols

  1. SaRaH says:

    Isn\’t it JV Like Junior Varsity??? Why sail when you can play volleyball?

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