Witnessing workshop…

Yoz, as I said I’ll be back haha…anyway it seems that I’m the only one around here that actually mantains his MSN space…WHERE THE HELL ARE THE REST OF YOU!!! Anyway here are some of my thoughts of the witnessing workshop I had today. If you guys want my notes or are interested in sharing my knowledge please come and approach me…I won’t eat u up, just scratch you or something…Haha just joking, anyway good news to all of you…Because of sailing, I have decided to cut my finger nails… So sad but…it…must…be…done..*sob sob…
Anyway, after listening to the workshop, I formulated the ultimate evangelical method. Together with the holy spirit and the will of God, I believe that this will turn even the hardened person into a Christian. For the love of God transcends all. hahas. Anyway erm, that’s all for this blog entry, I know it’s much shorter than the others but haha, I can’t write down my master plan because it will ruin it and I dun think it’ll be effective anymore…Hahas
Lols, hope to see all of you tmr and some of you at the BBQ.
I hope these people can come for the BBQ, sorry for pointing fingers but I do hope you guys can make time for it. Anyway if you don’t have plans to become a Christian, never mind, just come and gain a new experience of how being in a church’s Youth Fellowship feels like. You will not regret coming. I assure you that.
ppl that I hope can come are:
  • Priscilla
  • Ah Zhai
  • Perle
  • Yin Hong
  • Keng Juay (VS kia)

Really hope that you ppl can come.


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