Sailing gear list… I GOT THE CRAP BOOK!!!

Hahas all you ppl out there reading this…hope u ppl can join sailing too hahas. We’re in charge of recruiting more of you younglings to join VJ sailing hahaha. Pardon my sense of humour…lol…anyway here’s a list of stuff that u might want to get if you make the better choice to join sailing…
Strongly recommended items:
Sailing shirt- the long sleeved one made of some funny stretchy material.
Gloves- to prevent rope burn. I kena on the trials…ouch…
Boots-protect your feet and prevent you from slipping when trapezing.
Other stupid/optional stuff
Sunglasses- Look cool when sailing or just to protect your eyes
Sunblock- absolute necessity for bimbos
Lifejacket- Stay afloat? self-explanatory.
and 1 more thing, you must know how to swim hahas…
kk that’s all for now, watch out (WATCH OUT!!) for my next blog entry later during the day. Now we leave for a ommercial break:
Yo ppl, aspire to be the next Master Crapper? Then learn from the master himself! With the crappers crappy guide to crapping, you will find all the crap you will need to find yourself to be the next ultimate lameo in your school! So hurry down to any bookshop and grab a copy of the crapper’s crappy guide to crapping today!
Yes, I just purchased a notebook to write all the crap down.
The Crapper’s crappy guide to crapping will be commercially available at the end of the year…I hope…
Proceeds will go into my pocket and be used to pay for a class chalet?
Muahahaha, Return of the Master Crapper…
Dun forget my trademark: ♠²

One comment on “Sailing gear list… I GOT THE CRAP BOOK!!!

  1. Cynthia says:

    i\’m bringing sunTAN boi -.-\’\’ and already got gears but it\’s kinda lame when i wanna tan and wear gears.. and where to get boots and gloves?

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