Friday…Tai ti lesson…

Hahas, it’s friday, the day before the weekend…Yipee!!! But once the weekends draw closer, it means that there’s more homework yay! Muahaha. I’m such a sadist…But I also have homework…Lol.
Anyway today got no assembly so waht we do? Play A.H. Taiti!!! Muahaha, being the Taiti king should have no problem being the King. The Kwok dynasty shall rule forevermore!!! But I was wrong…(as usual some might say, but I DO have some claim to being the Taiti King) as we all know, the first round is the deciding round and I got the ultimate shittty cards ever… Wa liao, kena bitch. So shame… Haha it stayed that way till I rose to gigolo, mamasan, queen, princess and then KING!!! Haha but just before I could start my reign Miss Hoo came…
Haha, talking about Miss Hoo, I sense in the class some sort of "hatred" towards Miss Hoo. And it’s most probably because we got scolded for a misconception. The class has formed the AHS not Anglican High School but Anti-Hoo Society. I think this is bad…real bad…It’s not good for the teacher and it’s not good for us…Remember last time Miss Hoo always wore a smile (okay, maybe not WORE but anyway) to our class sometimes? Now everytime she’s like so pissed to come and we’re so pissed to see her. And everything started from that miscommunication. Hey come on guys…it’s only February leh…It’s not the time to hate our teachers and make our maths lesson such a bore…What we need is mutual understanding. I’m not pointing fingers saying who is in the wrong since I’m also a victim of the miscommunication, forgive and forget lah…Let it go, stressing yourselves up for nothing lor…I do realise that some of us wrote a letter in a "nice" tone trying to clear the miscommunication but so far she didn’t reply and you guys are getting really pissed. As I said earlier, let it go…Not everything will turn up the way they should. And some of you think her teaching style is horrible and you ppl dun get a thing! Alright, maybe she’s not the best, but we can always ask. Drop her a note and she’ll reply u either that or you can wait till her lessons or find her and ask her directly…That’s what a teacher is for right? They dun get paid for nothing. Lols. Joking haha.
Anyway enough about Miss Hoo now back to Taiti… Haha, From then on I never fell out of the royal family, got dethroned a few times but I nvr failed to get it back…Muahaha. See? Taiti King muahaha. Lols, we should do this more often, I really love it…haha.
Anyway some spectacular highlights:
  1. Prissy: Queen – Gigolo in one drastic jump…
  2. Nivek: Had to do a forfeit cuz he was the bitch 4 times. He didn’t do it, we forgot haha.
  3. T.Kwok: Bitch – King over a period of time, nvr failed to stay in the royal family after being King… Lols, suck up!
  4. Yin Hong: Longest reigning King/Queen watever but fell to the slumps during the endgame period.
  5. Caitlin: Biggest screams. Calls Donovan a loser when she’s still in the slumps. ??!!
  6. Perle: Stayed in the rayal family for the longest time.
  7. Donovan: Stayed in the slumps or commoner for the longest time.
Haha, that’s all for now…
Have to WRAP UP

One comment on “Friday…Tai ti lesson…

  1. Cynthia says:

    i dont hate ms hoo.
    just so tired for lessons.
    what about you.
    didnt you feel guilty?
    Ms Toh is sad

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