The taste of the sea…

The taste of the sea…how sweet…or salty…
Thy glorious day is here…
It’s the day of the sailing trial and I’m fully equipped…and with my sidekick Cynthia haha, just joking, Cynthia is going as well…Lols
So anyway we meet up with Mr Yong at 3:20 and we leave for National Sailing Centre…But before we left I asked, or asked Cynthia to ask… If IP could join Sailing. I dun want to get turned down again…Heart-breaking experience leh…If your favourite CCA didn’t allow you to join because you’re too young. I’ll rather get dumped by a girlfriend but haha NO GIRLFRIEND…So CCA dumps me instead. But haha, a new hope Sailing DOES, I shall repeat again, ahem, DOES take in IP students…
WHOOPEE!!! Yes! The moment of glory…Finally I have a CCA. Lols
And off we go to the sailing centre…When we reach there, yikes…It’s the place where the sailing competion was held. Bad memories start to flood my mind. I don’t like this place but I hope I’ll grow to love it. There’s something I fear about Sailing, it’s that I have to go for competitions…That’s freaky. Imagine a situation when there’s 50+ boats in front of you, 50% nationals and you are trailing behind…You know you have to catch up but HOW??? Another freaky thing is when you lose control of your boat. That was the greatest spasm of panic I ever felt…On sea… Lols
Anyway we rig up the boat. Not a laser boat but some 420 boat…Anyway it’s meant to be manned by 2 ppl. Ease the panic…But wth? There are SO MANY DIFFERENT ROPES ON THE BOAT!!! Can’t remember at all… Yikes…Haha learn over time I guess.
After like 15 minutes, we’re in the sea… Finally , the moment that I’ve been waiting for, for 2 years…The taste of the sea on my lips…
basically everythings almost the same as optimist except that the sail is MUCH bigger, which means MUCH faster and MUCH EASIER to lose control, but a new technique I learnt…Trapezing!!!
The second person who isn’t manning the boat get’s to stablise it by leaning here and there and occasionally STANDING on the edge of the boat. His only lifeline is the trapeze and the harness…which is so cool. Leaning out of the boat and feeling the gush of wind in your face…But it ain’t easy to man the boat…especially when it’s going SUPER fast and the boat is meaning… not easy man…not easy but I still love sailing…
Anyway I guess I got the hang of it now…Sailing is my new CCA haha. I’m in
New new/first quarter year resolution: To improve me sailing and bring VJ to greater heights…
Sailing rocks…
VJ sailing rocks

One comment on “The taste of the sea…

  1. Cynthia says:

    say Thank you =P and David is C-U-T-E! haha cyah fellow sailor

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