PE lesson: NAPHA “mock test”… …

Wha so sian… can’t believe it… Mock test for PE…I mean that is just stupid lor…It’s only Feb and we’re preparing for NAPHA??? That’s VERY far away. Can’t the PE teachers do what VS people do? Throw us a soccer ball and we play soccer for 1hour 10 minutes. That’s so fun right??!! But I figured that the only field that VJ has is the one in the middle of the running track… Aw… So sad. Anyway for the mock test… we do inclined pull up, standing board jump and 2.4. Sounds ok right? NOT… For standing board jump, the passing mark is to jump 2 metres. 2 BLODDY METRES!!! I only got it after the second try… So sad. Must train harder. And for inclined I did 27, improvement from last year but everyone else did 30… So sad. Must train harder. 2.4 wasn’t a problem. So now I have a new new year resolution. Jump 220 cm, do at least 32 pull ups (inclined) and 2 normal pull ups and not to mention the existing 10 mintues for 2.4…I ran 11.5 minutes today. not bad… Lols
And because of PE, we missed our break but for a good cause…
Today we also had our first practical Chem lesson! And everyone gets to do the experiment by themselves. HAHA, all u ppl in VS reading this…BE JEALOUS… And to add on to your misery, we get to use the BUNSEN BURNER!!! Muahahahaha…I’m so evil. anyway, all this was not meant for nothing, we had to do a lab report on our findings…(Ok, time to laugh at me…) Trade off right? More homework for a personal experience. But the burner was cool anyway…Actually, anything that burns is fun right??? Arson!!! Don’t worry, I only play with sparks (that lead to a big fire) hahahahahahahas…
Lesson today was okay…except that we have to write a 600 word essay on my childhood. IN CHINESE NOT ENGLISH!!!
That so sucks… I’m going to pay a PRC to do it for me… $5…
That would be the end of the class, thank you and you are dismissed to go look at my new halo pics!!!

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