VJC cross-country 2006

Today is the day, the day I’ve been waiting for… …
It’s cross country!!!
Report in PT kit today…Before the race just found out that they don’t split the JC by lvls. They split it guys and girls. Girls run 3.2Km, guys run 4.8 km. Something new since I’m from a guys school and they don’t split ppl by gender. I mean there’s only 1 right? Maybe 1.5, the 0.5 are the gays… hahahas
So the girls start first. Everyone lines the whole road to cheer them on…Incuding me. Then we wait for our class ppl to come back! We wait for the first runner to come back then we wait another 5-10 minutes before our first 06V13 girl comes running through the finishing line. Lols
Then the guys start…The moment of anticipation…Do my warm ups first…with keith, kevin and muthu beside…and the horn blows!!! But I can’t run, there’s a human wall in front!!! And I started out at the back!!! what the hell?? Can’t overtake!!! Then we run towards the overhead bridge and I’m squeezed into a bottleneck…Just FYI I’m slightly claustrophobic (scared of crowds). Kinda wierd in that situation… Once we’re in East coast, the REAL race has begun…Start overtaking!!! All the slackers are in front somehow and they block up the road…All of them, one bunch of them walking together. Some even walking BACK so see their friends. None of them take it seriously. Sigh… Then we go round the bend, the 2.4 mark. Guess what? I saw Mansoor, and HE WAS WALKING!!! I said to him:"head prefects of VS don’t walk…" and he gave me that pissed off face. Lols, he can’t do anything to me now… Except in ODAC, crap… after running and hyper-ventilating(That was at the last part, I’m quite ok). I saw the overhead bridge, sign to start speeding up. Can’t believe on the overhead bridge, two guys that were in front of me actually stopped dead in their tracks!!! What the hell??!! I pushed them aside (how horrid of me) and carried on. At the last lap (outside VJC) I saw the ODAC quarter master!!! What is he doing at the back?? I thought he run damn fast one lor… I sprinted past him and ended the race… I guess my only achievement that day was that I beat the ODAC QM, what a quantum leap into the future.
Lols, will be looking forward to the next cross-country…
PS my position was 186… crappy right?

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