Chinese new year celebratons @ VJC &VS

Yoz, As usual I’m lagging again since it happened yesterday. Lols
VJC CNY celebrations was lame… It wasn’t really nice or anything, I couldn’t identify any highlights during the show. But I do appreciate the effort that the teachers, students and the CO (Whoo! CO rocks!) put into the performance to at least have a "show" for us. After the performance there was a mass dance session but we left before the friendship dance was played (Muahahaha). Acoording to VS tradition, the VS guys slowly made our way back to VS, the school that watched us grow… I went back but I didn’t sit through the performance, I went to help VSCO!!!! What else is there to do?
lols, after the celebrations( VS’s celebration was quite the same as VJ’s, just as dry) I did some catching up with my friends which was the highlight of the celebrations I guess…
After that was home sweet home. What a day, I’m still quite tired from the BBQ last night…Lols

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