May the Lessons begin!

Haiz… …
Lessons start this week, and we got to meet our teachers…yay… First lesson of the entire year. Not my favourite subject, not PE, not maths, it’s Chinese. Fan-tastic… … But I thought the lesson went pretty well, we were required to fill in a particulars form in CHINESE!!! The best thing was that the PRCs had a seperate Chinese class, phew.
Moving on was Physics…My favourite subject!!! But to put a dampener, first lesson: measurement… …
Fan-tastic(Hm…I like this word now…). But it was a fun lesson nonetheless. After all, it’s still physics and to all VS ppl, Physics is Phun!!! Lols
Then came the worst, SS teacher: Miss Toh. What a nightmare, she so niao one lor… See a piece of litter on the floor, pick it up, made her statement about litter and PUT IT ON THE OHP!!!!!! The OHP!!! Does she have any regard for the OHP?!! And she sat on the wobbly com table. I mean it can collapse any minute and SHE SAT ON IT!!! And, she isn’t the slimmest teacher around, with a rather big butt, and she sat on it.And Lizabelle told her not to sit on it but she didn’t care lor…
"erm, can u please don’t sit on the table? It’s going to collapse"
"Ya ok, I know" (still sitting on it)
"ya i know" (still sitting)
I was like OMGosh!!! She has no regard for the OHP, now the table? what does she treat us for? Bunch of clowns? (Lol)
As thy ODAC senior goes,"love thy equipment". I think ODAC is soo right.
Haiz, and to end the day, we were given a KI paper to do. They call it a diagnostic test, I think it’s plain rubbish.
And tomorrow, run 4.8 km. Fan-tastic (lols)… …
What a day… …

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