First presentation of the year

Yoz, as again this entry was supposed to be made yesterday but since I came back at 11:00 last night,I didn’t have time to write this. Anyways, on the 20/1, me and my group made our first presentation to the ENTIRE IP COHORT… … Yikes, stress right?
It all started with a silly project assignment that we had to complete yesterday. But we did such a good job that our presentaion was selected for the finals. So, we had to present our project on car loans to the entire IP cohort. So all of us were gathered at the LT 2 awaiting who was shortlisted for the "final showdown". When my group (consisting of Priscilla, Nnicholas, Jillian, Piao Han and me) turned up on screen… …
I was shocked. Really shocked. I couldn’t speak, what a jaw-dropping experience(literally). Once the shock weared off, my group (JPTPN) started to get really nervous. our group had to present next and we were really tense. Priscilla was shaking, Piao Han who normally felt nothing was really nervous, Jillian being a high-S was also showing signs of nervousness, my heart was beating really fast, the only one who didn’t show signs of nervousness was Nicholas. Wow.
We did an impromptu skit and the presentation went smoothly. Honestly, I think we did much better that the other group.
And the results were out. WE WON!!! What a great milestone for 06V13!!! I was delighted. And we won a $30 kino something voucher. Lols
I was delighted

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