Praxis Game. Amazing or Sucky?

Yoz to all. This week in the IP is called the Helmsman week when they teach u skills u need in life later. This week they’re teaching financial literacy. Cool right? Teach u how to manage ur money and how to let it grow. That was what they did. Budgeting, credit card loans, debts, insurance, shares and stocks and basically teach u how to grow ur $$. From $ to $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$!!! But that takes a long time…
Anyway, they taught us this board game called Praxis. It’s something like Monopoly but it’s much more complicated. They have a job (u CAN get retrenched) and upgrade it, business cycles, shares, property, insurance ( U can get hurt and land in hospital and pay the fees), savings and a retirement account. It’s like monopoly and the game of life all mxed up.
Btw, I suck at this game. My game is all screwed up. I have absolutely no luck. I was retrenched most of the time and I can’t collect my salary and the stock market crashed and I lost alot of money. Crappy right? At the end of the game I was only left with 27K, that is HORRIBLE!!! Some ppl have gone over 100K! And look at me… 😦
So does this game rule or suck?
All depends on your luck, but the designers say it’s a strategic game. Rubbish! I still Tai Ti is like much better lor…
What do U think? All those from VIP better write me your views and how much u earned. 🙂

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