ODAC Back to Basics Camp

Yoz to all. Today just came back from camp and I’m ultra mega super tired… ODAC’s amazing race was the best.
Here’s a sequence of events that happened…
We had a field cooking competition and we came in 5th! Out of 6 groups.(Gp name is Cougar btw). And we set out at 7+ PM… Wow, amazing race at night lols. First station, pasir ris maze…So after arriving there we camped at Pasir Ris for the night.
Next morning 6:55 am, we set out for our next station and so on and so forth… we went to kallang for dragon boating. How fun is that? We tied with the other team and hence we lost…(The group instructors flipped a coin and we lost) and was stalled for 15 minutes which was a good thing. To let our WET SHOES AND SOCKS dry. which were still quite wet, I changed to my sandles and carried on (My life was very miserable then. Imagine an amazing race with wet socks and shoes. Bleach…) So on we went around Singapore and ended up at Simpang Bedok for lunch. Each group was given $20 and a specific time frame (6 minutes for us) to buy our lunch from Cld Storage. WTH??? We had no choice but to grab BREAD (Yuck!), soya bean milk and some other drinks. What a wonderful lunch. Later we found out that 1 group was SO FORTUNATE to eat food from the hawker centre bacause there was a blackout at Simpang and Cold Storage couldn’t check items out. I mean WTH lor…Nvm, live with it…
After that we went to Changi village. At that station we had to drink an almost 5+ litres of Pineapple juice!!! With straws!!!! OMGosh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But we did it anyway and we were off on a bum boat to PULAU UBIN… …
Over there we took a damn long walk to the camp site, because the GIs lost their way…We eventually reached the place and set up camp. At night we had a campfire and our group performed its award-winning skit: The Disney Menace… Written by me and therfore is a crappy skit, but it won the best NR (night recreational) award.
Morning, we headed back to mainland and ended the game at VJC. (finally) We came in first but was disqualified because we took a cab… … Heck, the GIs nvr told us we couldn’t take a cab… But we couldn’t anyway…But we winners in our hearts… …And my skit won the best NR!!!
Lols, though this camp may be tough, I still had my fun and I got to know more JC ppl.
List of difficulties during camp (Read only if you want to cause it’s quite naggy)
1. Cramped tents…
– 5 guys squeezing into a 4 man tent, with baggage. we were literally like sardines in a can. (we didn’t have enough space to turn)
2. Muddy ground at Pasir Ris park and at Ubin
– Tent on muddy ground? Yuck. Navigating through wet, muddy off the tar-road track? Splendid.
3.Only 5 hours of sleep a day
– From 12+ am to 6/7 am. Plus stuffy tents and cramped quarters… I don’t think you can even sleep 5 hours.
4. Sadistic Station Masters
– I don’t think I need to say more.
Lols, I’m done complaining.
Nil Sine Labore 🙂

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