Sea Regatta @ east coast

Hi, this is my first entry into this thing wow! anyway, this Sea regatta is abit lag cuz it happened yesterday…I came back so tired I didn’t have time to write. Anyway today is Hari raya and I got all the time in the world…
Ok, the Sea regatta was all fun and games at the beach and it was damn FUN!!! I love the beach and what more can I ask? Lols… … The games were all very fun xcept the tug of war and dog and "dirt". The tug of war ended so soon before we realised it. (I lost by the way) Our whole team was literally dragged to the other side. And for dog and "dirt"… … It really was a dirty game. Playing in the mud isn’t my thing… Nor is grabbing a chicken feet fun (yes, RAW chicken feet) the other games were cool, but silly like splashing ppl with water (fun eh?) and captain’s ball (we lost,again, because we didn’t have enough tall ppl).
Dunking was probably the best xperience. I have escaped being taupoked in VS but being dunked in VJ is in-evitable. Actually I dunked myself in a way… I was escaping from my "dunkers" and I tripped and fell into the sea… So sad… But heck, since I’m wet, go play in the water lor…
All was fine till it rained… … Thank God that we finished our games liao… So we walked back to VJ in the rain cheering. I just found out that some of us caught a vold while walking in the rain… Poor them, can’t enjoy their public holiday…
So we dryed ourselves in VJ and danced abit before going out for lunch together. Illumo!!! what a cool team name… Lols…

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